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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spooktacular Books From The Past

What a spooktacular Halloween in the new home!  Hayrides, jack-o-lanterns, a brain cake, and an all night game of Disney Scene It.  The youngest dressed as a different Japanese character from last year.
Hint: Gotta Catch 'Em All

And now Christmas. Thanksgiving is like the forgotten middle child Jan Brady of the Brady Bunch. Always ignored and overshadowed by the ones before and after it. We celebrate Thanksgiving, but don't go all out like we do for Halloween and Christmas. It's been requested by my daughter to write a story about this sad forgotten Holiday. I never struggle with what to write, it's when to write. I blame social media ;-P
On To Book Thoughts  

What is unlimited, colorful, and full of possibility?  Oh, but also needs a guiding hand to lead it. A child’s imagination!

A child's mind posses a super power. I'm not talking about navigating our phones better than we do.  But a power that let's their mind travel to the future and create wondrous worlds. Without knowing anything about actual “science,” they design cities, cultures, and value systems with childish glee. Look at Minecraft. I've  spent hours under the direction of my nine year old daughter creating blockish empires. This is going somewhere, I promise.
Remember playing with your friends as a child? We didn't have all the resources there are today. I would conjure up scenarios, directed who acted which parts, and made costumes from what I could find. All with no money and a little comrade negotiation!
All this creative expression stemmed from childhood books. As a mom and educator, I now see how reading opens channels for the imagination to run wild. Remember my 9 year old daughter and I are reading the entire library here. And it's through these books, not only did she acquire high literacy and communication skills at a young age, but also learned values and how they work under examples. That's why it's so important to know what your children are reading. A lot of books today have gone so multicultural enforcing left ideology. After reading the Rainbow Fish my daughter wanted to know why the fish had to give all his scales away to make friends? Sorry Marcus Pfister a child may not have the word, but they recognize rejection of individuality and promotion of socialism.
Books of the past are filled with generational messages and iconic characters.  Some of my favorite books include Green Eggs And Ham by Dr. Seuss,  Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree, Nancy Drew, and Maurice Sendack's Where the Wild Things Are. The most influential writer for my time was Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland story. These worlds included imagery that stimulated my imagination and revealed unique characters. These inspired the Pixie stories I'm writing now.  

Not to mention these books did and still make for excellent conversation. Especially when asking questions like: "Have you tried a food you didn't like?"  What does the giving tree mean to you?” Who was your favorite character in Alice’s story? And why?”
Ethics, human connection, intelligence, and seeing the bright side of things were core values of our heritage books.  And with the abundance of media influence over our kids, I believe these books are more important for our children to learn from today.  What books are in your home library?
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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Letter B

Not the most creative title, but everything worth noting today starts with B.

Birds.   Our tropical peninsula is celebrating hummers. Not the all-wheel-drive military vehicles, but the tiniest birds in the world. What’s not to be intrigued by a creature that weighs less than a dime, lays eggs the size of coffee beans, and moves its wings 200 times per sec.
Breaking ground.   So the ground is still intact, but the plans are in motion.  Our storybook cottage is about to undergo reno. It's an expansion to accommodate the children here living in the shoe. We are going to lose the sunroom, but gain a great room and sum. With plenty of windows for viewing Wonderland!
Bantum.   Okay from the moment I wake up, the rooster then gets up. Yes, I wake up the rooster? Then he proceeds to crow all day. I haven’t had the heart to tell him he could use a throat lozenge.

Baking.   It’s a cake? It’s a pizza? It’s a pizza cake!  The girls took over the kitchen after school today.  So we will be indulging ourselves in gooey goodness this evening.

 Birthday.   My husband’s birthday was Oct 1st. The big 47! It was a fall feast. What a better way to celebrate than with a Halloween birthday. Love decorating with orange and black!

Blessings.   Being a part of my children's lives everyday keeps things just as they should. I'm truly Blessed. The oldest daughter has a new camera and captured this shot of her little sister ;-)

Book. Pixie and the Green Book Mystery is still under illustration. You can’t rush perfection according to Miss Pixie. She’s very excited about letting you in on her “Big Library Secret” and encourages all readers to get to their library and see if there are any unusual things happening there.
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Friday, September 11, 2015

The Not So, New Normal

It’s been a couple weeks since my basketball playing son left for college. As a second year student Hayden opted to drive himself 3 hours away forgoing the teary-eyed dorm goodbye. It didn’t help my emotional status as the youngest decided to watch the saddest Pixar movie that same day. You know the scene where Andy drives away leaving Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of  his childhood behind. Toy Story even after repeated viewings, the tears still shed.

Things are definitely not easing into a new normal around here since he’s been gone. I might mention we moved to a new town, a new house, and all this new has not gone as expected.  Air conditioning went out, computer hacked and all my files gone, my husband went into the hospital, and some.
But on the positive, the other three kids are adjusting, I can still drive 30 minutes to my favorite Portland library for romping, and the “PSL” is back.  That’s Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.  No we are not wearing Uggs or moon boots down south, but it tastes just as good in Rhinestone Flip Flops.

The release date for Pixie and The Green Book Mystery will be coming up soon. Hopefully late October early November. But sadly my almost completed second book in the series is gone. Thanks to the hackers that took my files and told me if I paid them $ 3,000 I could get them back.  It’s an encrypted hell. - Maybe after a month of PSL’s I can start rewriting it again.
           Sneak peak of Pixie                
                                                   The Green Book Mystery
   My 9 year old Pixie inspiration

For today I will pray, watch a nest of cardinals, and maybe unpack a moving box or two. With the rain I’m drawn to the hope of fall. My favorite time of year. Pumpkin everything is upon us my friends. And now how to transform my Wonderland into a halloween forrest?
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meet Pixie

                           PIXIE'S FAVORITES:
                                    > Favorite color is blue. 

> Favorite class is reading.  Especially,
D.E.A R. - Drop Everything And Read
> Favorite place is the Rocky Point   Library.  Loves romping books. 


    > Least favorite color is beige. Brown is boring.

   > Least favorite class is math. Miss Gruff doesn’t like kids.

> Least favorite place is her sister’s room. It’s a pigsty
                                  PIXIE'S FAMILY:
> Her 7th grade sister Caroline makes up words. Like "girl centric"
> Dad’s a secret spy. Maybe? 

> Mom runs an online bakery.
> Nutmeg the dog is super drooly.  



     > Alora is Pixie's BFF.

    > Miss Rita Goode is the coolest librarian.

> Book characters from all kinds of stories.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Fuzzy Trees & Our Reads

I heard an amazing quote that’s a must share. It sounds like something out of the Lorax, but these words are not from Dr. Seuss. They are original musings from a genius. I don’t use the term lightly, but I have learned something huge. In order to be extraordinary, you only have to be ordinary in more than one thing. That’s genius right there! Together you talents composes into a beautiful symphonic blend of success. The trick is finding the right combination of ordinary things that work together. And when they do, that’s the music of success my friends. And that’s not even the big thing. Hang with me a little longer.

My recent aha moments are to the credit of Scott Alvin, the creator of Dilbert. Whether you’re a comic fan or not, he’s spot on with brilliant yet simple words.

First, for me it’s embracing the system of eating healthy. Taking out fried foods, eliminating most meat, and eating how much I want as long as it’s on the good list. I’m on an energy mission, not a weight diet. Next, I’m getting active. Not the mom running around crazy whirly kind. But with my affinity for Asian culture, I’ve decided to start Tai Chi… Waiting for Amazon to deliver my new coach, Chris Pei. All the more interesting, we are highly considering a move to an Asian populated area. And since a move to Japan isn’t in my near future, this will have to do.

So here’s the quote. “Trees became fuzzy balls of wonder.” This needs not elaborating, it speaks for itself. Let me detail. You know I live near the beach right? But besides the water, the landscape is flat and treeless. And having lived in Austin Texas where trees blanket the landscape, did come with a price. Too many people with a political agenda gone wild. And as I just mentioned our moving. Where is this place I'm talking about? Rockport is where these these fuzzy bundles are abundant. And it’s a peninsula. This sounds cool, living on a peninsula.

Why am I wasting your time with all this? Because I want to express how the beauty in nature should not be ignored. It’s all God’s wonders. And as an aspiring writer, I say aesthetics is another component to success. So I’m off to a place of inspiration, where like-minded and out of their mind authors conjugate, where I’ll hang my Eno between the Truffula trees. And with any luck at all, Johnny Depp will stop in for a margarita.

Little Reader’s Haunted Repertoire

We are in to mystery books... mostly The Haunted Series.

How To Books Have Also Taken Precedent. Our house looks like a library and Michael’s store rolled into one.

Mini Pom-Pom Pets: Make Your Own Fuzzy Friends
By Chorba, April

With her dinner fork, Little Reader is transforming balls of yarn into fluffy little pets.

The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life
By Occhipinti, Lisa

I never realized there are so many things to do with used books. Unique, fun, and Little Reader has plans to take some of these on herself.

String Art: Turn String And Pins Into Works of Art
(Klutz S)

Looks like it’s going to make beautiful pictures. We just received this from Amazon today and have not started it. But the reviews were all great!

We have a few more kits on the way, but you don’t need to know this do you? I recommend you order through Scholastic Books for most of your craft books. Yes, they sell them and sometimes less expensive than Amazon. Your library probably has craft books, but if it’s like ours they are outdated. So for your craftonista this is your best bet.


Yes, Pixie and the Green Book Mystery is done. Well, the writing is done. My illustrator is from planet Norzog and she travels often, so it’s taking a while to get them completed. But it’s well worth the wait. She amazingly captures my words in pictures. Feeling Blessed "O:)"

Steve, thank you for sharing your words. They have helped me find my missing components. Except, I might have taken one thing a little too far. Calling my husband a barrel bellied barbeque grilling heart attack waiting to happen. Not a good idea, but hopefully I can make a move to Thneed-Ville before the Once-ler turns the trees into Thneeds! I'll keep you posted.
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello Is It Me Your Looking For

I know it’s been way too long ;-\ How can I even call myself a blogger if I don’t blog? I can’t. My apologies as I’ve been obsessed with Crossy Roads.  Why do we find joy earning blocky animals just so they can become squished by traffic? Curse the indie company for bringing us this endless game.  And what's a Hipster Whale anyway?
I’m hoping your Christmas and New Year’s was as terrific as ours.  The kids are nun-thrilled about the return of school, and nor is mom.  I don’t know what I was thinking taking a long term sub position at my daughter’s school before Christmas break. I loved my first graders, but there was zero time for anything else.  I didn’t even have time to prepare for my college boy coming home. But there was a bright side. If you buy a real Christmas tree a week before, then it’s not gonna cost you the usual 100 bucks.   Please don’t fret if you didn’t receive a card from the Robinson’s this year. I had it almost done, Mad Libs style, very clever, just couldn’t get the finishing touches on it. And I tend to be a perfectionist. At least our thank you cards came out amazing thanks to my crafting daughter.  
Thanks Santa for the new Cricket ;-)

I really thank you for all the nice words and support you have given me since this blog began a few years ago.  It has been quite the journey and I proud to say it has paid off. Look below and you'll see what I mean.
Pixie And The Green Book Mystery
The cover is being revised and still adding sketches.
What I’m going to tell you is totally true. When your scroll down you’re going to ask where are the book reviews and comments? Yes we remained avid readers, but our romping did cease this holiday season. But not by choice of course.  Our local library had a water main break and suffered major damage. The books were okay, but the computers, periodicals, movies, and other things were ruined beyond repair. They closed the doors for over a month and only towards the end did they open the back door for dropping off and picking up books. My kids thought it was kind of shady using the back door to pick up book packages I don’t think anyone knew they could do that. Yep, that's their story. But I'm not buying it.  There is danger afoot and the life of paper books is being threatened. I bet you didn’t even know this fact. Pixie, the little girl in my story, hence Little Reader has seen unusual things happening at the library.  Yes, books are coming to life.

If you want to read more about the library water "story" their tellin' click here. But we know the Book Guardian was behind it. Don't worry, you will find out more about this evil book destroyer real soon.  Pixie's mystery is getting closer to the release date. No, the release date has not been released.
So what’s the future look like for Library Romp Dot Com?  It’s a New Year and the library stories are going to unfold in Pixie’s stories.  Don’t think of it as this blog going away, but a move forward to the better.  Besides aren’t you tired of the every couple month’s posts? You will see me, Pixie, and more library romp stories under the new page.  I promise…

On a non-related totally random note. Have you heard of a barndominium?  We are going to be moving to a beautiful coastal town not too far down the road. I can’t think of a better type of custom built home than this. Now I’ve gotta find someone in the area that does these.  Still curious, what’s a barndominium?
Even if you remain physically in one spot,
you are always moving in and out of places in your heart.
- Spencer Johnson -

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