The Letter B

By Library Romp - 7:30 AM

Not the most creative title, but everything worth noting today starts with B.

Birds.   Our tropical peninsula is celebrating hummers. Not the all-wheel-drive military vehicles, but the tiniest birds in the world. What’s not to be intrigued by a creature that weighs less than a dime, lays eggs the size of coffee beans, and moves its wings 200 times per sec.
Breaking ground.   So the ground is still intact, but the plans are in motion.  Our storybook cottage is about to undergo reno. It's an expansion to accommodate the children here living in the shoe. We are going to lose the sunroom, but gain a great room and sum. With plenty of windows for viewing Wonderland!
Bantum.   Okay from the moment I wake up, the rooster then gets up. Yes, I wake up the rooster? Then he proceeds to crow all day. I haven’t had the heart to tell him he could use a throat lozenge.

Baking.   It’s a cake? It’s a pizza? It’s a pizza cake!  The girls took over the kitchen after school today.  So we will be indulging ourselves in gooey goodness this evening.

 Birthday.   My husband’s birthday was Oct 1st. The big 47! It was a fall feast. What a better way to celebrate than with a Halloween birthday. Love decorating with orange and black!

Blessings.   Being a part of my children's lives everyday keeps things just as they should. I'm truly Blessed. The oldest daughter has a new camera and captured this shot of her little sister ;-)

Book. Pixie and the Green Book Mystery is still under illustration. You can’t rush perfection according to Miss Pixie. She’s very excited about letting you in on her “Big Library Secret” and encourages all readers to get to their library and see if there are any unusual things happening there.

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