The Not So, New Normal

By Library Romp - 6:44 AM

It’s been a couple weeks since my basketball playing son left for college. As a second year student Hayden opted to drive himself 3 hours away forgoing the teary-eyed dorm goodbye. It didn’t help my emotional status as the youngest decided to watch the saddest Pixar movie that same day. You know the scene where Andy drives away leaving Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of  his childhood behind. Toy Story even after repeated viewings, the tears still shed.
Things are definitely not easing into a new normal around here since he’s been gone. I might mention we moved to a new town, a new house, and all this new has not gone as expected.  Air conditioning went out, computer hacked and all my files gone, my husband went into the hospital, and some.
But on the positive, the other three kids are adjusting, I can still drive 30 minutes to my favorite Portland library for romping, and the “PSL” is back.  That’s Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.  No we are not wearing Uggs or moon boots down south, but it tastes just as good in Rhinestone Flip Flops.

The release date for Pixie and The Green Book Mystery will be coming up soon. Hopefully late October early November. But sadly my almost completed second book in the series is gone. Thanks to the hackers that took my files and told me if I paid them $ 3,000 I could get them back.  It’s an encrypted hell. - Maybe after a month of PSL’s I can start rewriting it again.
           Sneak peak of Pixie                
                                                   The Green Book Mystery
   My 9 year old Pixie inspiration

For today I will pray, watch a nest of cardinals, and maybe unpack a moving box or two. With the rain I’m drawn to the hope of fall. My favorite time of year. Pumpkin everything is upon us my friends. And now how to transform my Wonderland into a halloween forrest?

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