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  Pixie And The Green Book Mystery    


When Pixie discovers a magical green book  at her library, she embarks on a page turning  adventure.  This book loving hero will do whatever it takes to save her new fairytale friends from the evil Book Guardian.

Readers 8 to 10 years

~  Reader Reviews ~

 "This story was very enjoyable, a lot of great content, as I was reading it to my kids I found a lot of interaction with my favorite fairy tales growing up. This author definitely put their own twist on it and created a great story. I get a sense there are more great books to come and new adventures for Pixie. Great illustrations throughout the whole book that consists of 9 colorful chapters. Fantastic quick read aimed for little girls that enjoy a great adventure"
~Books Review, Derick Kenmuir
 "Pixie's day didn’t start well at school ... however, her day gets better and better thanks to her interest in reading –especially fairytales-, her rich imagination, and a diligent mother who seems to know her very well. A visit to the library makes all the difference; it leads the little girl into an intense adventure in which she becomes much more than a witness. Her imagination creates an interesting combination of events, based on classic characters from different stories that make the rhythm suitable to capture the readers’ attention. The book has the virtue of telling the story from Pixie's perspective -this 9-year-old girl’s perspective- making the whole story both trustworthy and easier to follow for the little ones. "
~Books Review, C.S. Kaiser 

 "This was a very enjoyable and amusing story. The writing style was engaging and very entertaining. As I read through the pages I found myself recalling all the fairytales that fascinated me as a child. It sparked wonderful memories as I remembered my own mother reading these stories to me. But the author adds a unique twist as she weaves a tale that intertwines other fairytales as the following excerpt shows.
“Things got better when Brownie, the Third Little Pig moved to town, Alice continued. “Brownie used to run a bakery with his two brothers, until they were eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. And not wanting to be next on the menu, Brownie started VAC, or the Villain Awareness Company. He called the Seven Dwarf body guards from Snow White and asked for help. Underdogs like himself needed protection. Except, he was an underpig. Anyway, the Seven Dwarfs agreed to join VAC and rid the land of evil villains by banishing them into other books.”
This was my first time reading this author and I must say I was very impressed. It seems to me that this book has been created with a lot of love and joy and it is very obvious that the author really enjoys creating such wonderful books. I have shared this story with my own family and we have all found great delight in it. Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have obviously worked so hard to refine. Five stars from us. Since I have two grand kids, that’s fifteen stars from us! We’ll be looking forward to seeing what’s coming next in this series. Well done Coraline!"

~Books Review, Piaras

Pixie And The Purple Book Mystery
The Purple Mystery is up next in the series. And what a swashbuckling adventure it'll be!  Pixie keeping true to herself, is bringing more Japanese elements in to this story. So prepare to have your imagination stretched out of this world.