Fuzzy Trees & Our Reads

By Library Romp - 5:42 PM

I heard an amazing quote that’s a must share. It sounds like something out of the Lorax, but these words are not from Dr. Seuss. They are original musings from a genius. I don’t use the term lightly, but I have learned something huge. In order to be extraordinary, you only have to be ordinary in more than one thing. That’s genius right there! Together you talents composes into a beautiful symphonic blend of success. The trick is finding the right combination of ordinary things that work together. And when they do, that’s the music of success my friends. And that’s not even the big thing. Hang with me a little longer.

My recent aha moments are to the credit of Scott Alvin, the creator of Dilbert. Whether you’re a comic fan or not, he’s spot on with brilliant yet simple words.

First, for me it’s embracing the system of eating healthy. Taking out fried foods, eliminating most meat, and eating how much I want as long as it’s on the good list. I’m on an energy mission, not a weight diet. Next, I’m getting active. Not the mom running around crazy whirly kind. But with my affinity for Asian culture, I’ve decided to start Tai Chi… Waiting for Amazon to deliver my new coach, Chris Pei. All the more interesting, we are highly considering a move to an Asian populated area. And since a move to Japan isn’t in my near future, this will have to do.

So here’s the quote. “Trees became fuzzy balls of wonder.” This needs not elaborating, it speaks for itself. Let me detail. You know I live near the beach right? But besides the water, the landscape is flat and treeless. And having lived in Austin Texas where trees blanket the landscape, did come with a price. Too many people with a political agenda gone wild. And as I just mentioned our moving. Where is this place I'm talking about? Rockport is where these these fuzzy bundles are abundant. And it’s a peninsula. This sounds cool, living on a peninsula.

Why am I wasting your time with all this? Because I want to express how the beauty in nature should not be ignored. It’s all God’s wonders. And as an aspiring writer, I say aesthetics is another component to success. So I’m off to a place of inspiration, where like-minded and out of their mind authors conjugate, where I’ll hang my Eno between the Truffula trees. And with any luck at all, Johnny Depp will stop in for a margarita.

Little Reader’s Haunted Repertoire

We are in to mystery books... mostly The Haunted Series.

How To Books Have Also Taken Precedent. Our house looks like a library and Michael’s store rolled into one.

Mini Pom-Pom Pets: Make Your Own Fuzzy Friends
By Chorba, April

With her dinner fork, Little Reader is transforming balls of yarn into fluffy little pets.

The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life
By Occhipinti, Lisa

I never realized there are so many things to do with used books. Unique, fun, and Little Reader has plans to take some of these on herself.

String Art: Turn String And Pins Into Works of Art
(Klutz S)

Looks like it’s going to make beautiful pictures. We just received this from Amazon today and have not started it. But the reviews were all great!

We have a few more kits on the way, but you don’t need to know this do you? I recommend you order through Scholastic Books for most of your craft books. Yes, they sell them and sometimes less expensive than Amazon. Your library probably has craft books, but if it’s like ours they are outdated. So for your craftonista this is your best bet.


Yes, Pixie and the Green Book Mystery is done. Well, the writing is done. My illustrator is from planet Norzog and she travels often, so it’s taking a while to get them completed. But it’s well worth the wait. She amazingly captures my words in pictures. Feeling Blessed "O:)"

Steve, thank you for sharing your words. They have helped me find my missing components. Except, I might have taken one thing a little too far. Calling my husband a barrel bellied barbeque grilling heart attack waiting to happen. Not a good idea, but hopefully I can make a move to Thneed-Ville before the Once-ler turns the trees into Thneeds! I'll keep you posted.

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