Peeping Into Summer

By Library Romp - 8:06 PM

So last night while the boys watched Louisville basketball, Little Reader and I made bookmarks for the library contest and munched on our Peeps   topiary. No I didn’t make this, but my son’s friend’s mom made it for us. Simple, but does take time. - Awesome ideas on Pinterest  Did you know that letting peeps sit out for a couple days makes them better?   We also tried and they don’t make good smores, so stick with regular marshmallows.

Wohoo!  So thrilled to be on the countdown to summer.   And only a library mama like myself would be super excited about our upcoming library adventures.  The theme this year is Dream Big, and I’d better get to writing if anything is going to awake in my publishing journey!   And here’s a shout-out to our little library being runner up for Best Small Library in the US. Actually there were two Texas libraries nominated for 2013.  Tell me more?
Next, I ran across this thing called “Kindness Bombing” and decided to do this for our library.  What a great project for the kids!  First we’ll  write kind words on Post Its, then randomly select books to put them in, and wait for the best part, watch the reactions. Look below for the templates link.  Love it when I find a new endeavor, especially one that gets my words out to others.  Even though not in published form!  But look where this romp has taken me?  I won’t go backwards, but if you have read my posts then you get what I’m saying.
 Question:  How many of you tuned into the powerful Bible series the last couple weeks?  I’m not going to delve into how Satan looked a lot like Obama, but a scary coincidence perhaps?  Wait, I don’t believe in coincidences but instead deem everything happens for a reason, a purpose, call it divine intervention if you will.  Sorry about the tangent?  But this really got me brainstorming on new ways to tell Jesus’s story to children.  With the reenactments staring my unusual garden plants of course.  Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato move over, there’s a new Luffa, and Mammoth Sun Flower in town.  (Yes yes, I still have seeds so drop me an email if you want some.  But you’d better hurry, its Plants verses Zombies and this gardening mama can’t be stopped.)

The Not So Baby Reads
Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break If You Want to Survive the School Bus
By Grandits, John

This may be too wordy for some, but lately we are digging longer meatier texts.  I’m actually glad to say we’ve gravitated away from the simpler storylines.  When Kyle gets the school bus rules from his older brother, he quickly manages to break several.   Gladly by the end of the day, Kyle realizes that riding the bus isn’t so bad after all and though there was some truth to the tips, they are impossible to follow.   The text is filled with spot-on descriptive phrases that compliment the amazing art.   A definite addition to our home library, as an older kid read.  Little Reader has never been on one of those yellow dogs, but fascinated with the idea of riding one.  Because her private school doesn’t do buses, I’ll satisfy her with a bus adventure to some of our local landmarks.
The Truth About Fairies
By Johnson, J. Angelique

We put this down after the second page.  Who says that fairies are made up?  There are lots of books on mythical figures not blatantly telling children they are not real.  Why not let kids explore the magical realm and let them draw their own conclusion as to what’s real or not?

In fact this Easter I decided it was time to approach this with my twelve year old son, as in my heart I knew he already didn’t believe but wanted him to hear it rightly from me.  So here’s what I copulated – in note form of course.   But no matter how old my children get, we will always welcome the Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy in our home. 

Dear Connor,

So as you've gotten older you have wondered, not wanting to ask one really big question, Are you and Dad the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy? I have given much thought on how to answer this, so here it is.

The answer is no. We are not the Easter Bunny. There is no one single Bunny, Santa, or Tooth fairy.

We are the ones who hide the eggs, fill your stockings, and put money under your pillow - just as our parents did for us, their parents for them, and you will do for your kids someday.

The Easter Bunny is lots and lots of people who keep the spirit of Easter alive. He lives in our hearts and is part of the magic, love, and spirit of giving to others. What he does is teach children to believe in something they can't see or touch.

Throughout your life you will need this capacity to believe in yourself, in your family, in your friends and most of all in God.  So there it is, the truth told at its best.

Hoppy Easter and I love you bunches!  - Mom
Miss Fannie’s Hat
By Karon, Jan

What’s a woman to do with so many gorgeous many hats?  The church going Miss Fannie is put in a dilemma when she is asked to donate one of her hats for the church auction.  A beautiful story of compassion and who would have thought a writer could do something so well with hats.  The ending takes the cake and for you sensitive folk, could cause leaky eyes.
Librarian on the Roof
By King, M. G

RoseAleta Laurell the small town librarian will go through great lengths to save something she loves - books.  Working as a librarian at the Dr. Eugene Clark in Lockhart, Texas she knew the children’s section needed more, so with her spunk and determination creatively put into action a plan to change this.  I’m gonna leave it like that, but will mention a roof and inclement weather.  
And how lucky we are to have her as our Portland library director.  It’s no secret to us, but I wonder how many people in our town know that between the pages, living amongst us, there is as a hero by our definition.  And is she looney? Absolutely! 
Epossumundas Plays Possum
By Salley, Coleen

Let me introduce Epossumondas the adorable opossum.  After being warned by his Mama of the Louisiana swamp loup-garou (The French word for werewolf), Epossumondas wonders off and ends up having to do what opossums do best.  This folk fairy tale is jam-packed with innocence and irony, and don’t let the southern dialect throw you off.  Read as intended, it adds to the charm!  “They talk different there, but not like us in Texas – ours is looonger and slooower!”   Little Reader
Saving Sweetness
By Stanley, Diane

With a little orphan named Sweetness escaping to the Wild West, who wouldn’t like this one?  Well, me - not sure why, but back to the library it goes.   In short, when Sweetness runs away from the orphanage it’s up to the sheriff to find her and bring her back.  After a plea to stop on the third page we ended, so can’t give the outcome.   I did though read a review forewarning readers it’s hard to get out of the Texas accent once you’re in it, and do agree with that.  And to answer a  question.  Are things really bigger here in the Lone Star State?  I’m not sure as I haven’t spent time anywhere else to compare.  Will say things here are conservative, we pack heat, believe in God, and still peeved at the rest the country for voting Odumbass back in office.  Okay, enough of Texas Expedia rant already.

The Lighthouse Cat
By Stainton, Sue

Love the seaside stories and now summer thoughts dance in my head.   Salty backyard breezes, long ferry boat lines to Port A, and best of all no school.  But by August and I’ll be cursing the heat and planning a move to Alaska.   But back to the book, I loved the watercolor drawings, descriptive scene sentences, and parallel stories.  And an extra bonus are the historical notes at the end.    I would love to live in a lighthouse but for now will settle for a down the road excursion to the Port Isabel Lighthouse.


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