Writing Again & Hair Bands

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It’s been a whirlwind of birthday cakes, hair bands, taco parties, & anniversary planning.  I now have a thirteen year old, an eighteen year old, and a soon celebrated marriage of twenty years.   Hair bands you say?  Yes for my birthday this home stayin’ mama rocked out with a long hair, head banging, ear ringing venue.  And what happened at Brewster Street will stay @ Brewster Street!  That wasn’t me on stage with the lead guitarist, really.  And what’s with the taco parties?  That’s what happens when you put together a varsity basketball team, eighty bucks, and NBA 2K. * Never mind we began @ 1:30 am? – That’s just when teens are hungry, wait when are they not! No complaints though, rather them be here, rather than there!  With there being who knows where?
And on a sentimental note, my oldest son is now 18.  This puts a mom into somewhat of a reflective state. No, I’m not being overdramatic or emotional, but my life seems to be going at an advanced rate of speed.  Is this normal?    I’ve got one kid heading out the door, the littlest one just starting school, and two in between.   Here is an amazing video copulation that just about says it all!  “Tissues Needed”
The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison

And as for the anniversary planning, my husband and I are hitting the “Big 20!”  Apparently this one is China, do you think my dream trip could be on the horizon?   Me neither, especially with college for the upcoming teen and now we just lost the better of our cars.  But something along the theme of China will do ;-)   
So in the midst of all this, I had an ‘Aha’ moment.  (One of those 3:30 am can’t sleep Melatonin nights.)   See a while back I published a book, Park It!  A Guide To Austin Parks & Playgrounds.  And minus the fact that it was written for too narrow a population, it introduced me to the world of publishing and I even made a little change selling it @ Barnes & Noble and Book People.  Since I'm in the know of how to write these kinds of books and how to get them published, why not put my energies into this?   Write about something I know and put it out there for others to easily get.  Easy meaning for Kindles, Book Nooks, and those other media hand held devices.    I’ve always been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, sometimes questioning if this is a curse or a Blessing?  I choose Blessing, as I have almost completed a short Kindle size read.  I did a Sponge Bob and cleared my mind of everything but fine dining.  Okay, so it wasn’t fine dining, but figuring how to get my passion working for me.   This romp has led me to explore, and now God has led me to the River of Life.  What does this mean exactly, just give me a couple weeks and you’ll see. 
My Barnes & Nobles book signing (Barney Nooples - according to my toddler)
All Bout’ Them Reads
Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem
By Barnett, Mac
So could I really order a whale and have it mailed to the house?  I’ll inquire with my FedEx guy on how to  stamp a whale.  For this reason alone, I give this clever mix of fantasy and fact two thumbs up.  When Billy Twitters didn’t do what his mom asked, as a punishment he gets a blue whale intended to teach him responsibility.  Still not sure this gift constitutes as a punishment!  
Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley
By Fredrickson, Lane  
Do you remember being told, “If you make that face, it could get stuck that way?”  When Cecily Beasley makes one too many faces it does, and a bird decides to build a nest on her tongue.  A bit farfetched but witty non-the less, sharing a message of manners and consequences.   
Olive and The Big Secret
By Freeman, Tor
A playful look on what can happen when you don’t keep a secret.  You’ll love how the pictures and words bounce along each page passing the secret.  I keep remembering when we used to play telephone.  Though the secret here does not change, just becomes a subject to talk to others about.  Favorite part?  How the secret is divulged in the endpapers.
Crabby Gabby
By Graves Sue  
What’s up with the bad girl reads? - Only two worth posting.   And here’s one we parents can relate to.  With a crabby child in hand, why not handle unruly behavior in a humorous way.   Love the emotions conveyed by the pictures and Little Reader enjoyed figuring out what each person was doing on each page.  Short read and perfect for my beginning reader.  
The Little Gray Bunny
By McGrath, Barbara Barbieri
The Little Red Hen is replaced by the Bunny in this Easter story. Not sure why the reviews weren’t great, we loved the clever & conservative hold on the consequences of being lazy. Little Reader cracked up at the ending, literally. Not just an Easter time read either.
Hot Diggity Dog
By Sylver, Adrienne  
Did you know that more hotdogs are consumed in July more than any other month? And once a man once ate 68 hotdogs in 10 minutes - with buns!  If you crave foodie facts with comical illustrations, take a bite out of this one.  Personally I’m not a fan of hotdogs, but give me an artichoke book and I’ll be all over it, drizzled with a little lemon butter of course!  
The Leaf Men & the Brave Good Bugs
By William Joyce
This one’s been on the shelf collecting dust until now.  With the Epic movie hoopla, I remember reading this mesmerizing story my toddler.  He’s the now 18 year old ;-(  Filled with breathtaking illustrations, you will immediately become wrapped into the mission of the Good Bugs and their quest to save an old woman.  A sweet story of bravery & loyalty, which makes this an enchanting “Blue Book Best.”  
Epic, a definite must see!

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