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She’s crafty - she gets around she’s crafty she’s always down.  Okay, where in the hell did that come from? A blast from the Beastie Boys era I presume, but I'm not sure why! The only thing crafty round here is my kindergartener’s projects. It’s been the 100th Day of School, an “icreamlicious” Valentines, & we've also been romping the magazines, and telling tales. Yes, for as long as we’ve been romping, I just learned we can check out magazines. My oldest daughter has discovered American Cheerleader (Ugh!!) and Little Reader is into the sciencey reads (Zoo Books & National Geographic Kids) Personally, I’d much rather go with the science!

And with this newly discovered media, I’ve been led to an idea. What about a mini library scavenger hunt!  After all, we do spend lots of library time not just book hunting, but also hanging out, reading, exploring, asking questions, sharing, talking… What do you like to do at the library?  I'll post more up on this later, just need time to brain-storm!
Our 100th Day of School Crayon Melt

 How We Did It
1. First we grabbed a foam poster board, lots of crayons, the hot glue gun, and our hair dryer.
2. Next she picked out the colors and lined them up on the board.
3. Then big sister did the glue gun and quickly placed them onto the board, in a line, with tips facing down.
4. On the warm setting we got to blow dryin’. After starting out the medium setting we jumped it up to high and alternated it back and forth. And interestingly the white crayons didn’t melt easily like colored ones. Wonder why?

On a chicken note, we are frequent Chick-fil-A patrons, and I have to say we are really enjoying their latest toy, Telling Tales. This has inspired my reader into calling herself a story maker girl.   (Oh the Joy of Words!)  And I bet you didn’t know you can buy previous toys from their site.  No I’m not a sales rep or spoke person, we just love their toys.   And hats off to them for standing for what’s morally right.  And here's a link to some great family fun!

On a pig note, we are down to only one.  We put our mean ole’ devil pig on the truck, so now she's off terrorizing some other nice folk. Yes PETA, we are feeding the last pig out to bacon.  Nom, Nom, Nom…

On a sweet note, we are having a ball with ice cream. A purple sphere showed up at our door, so we did what any other person would have done. We filled it with cream, sugar, vanilla, ice, salt, and then with a shake, rattle, and roll, it churned out a delicious treat.  

What’s In the Bag
Bill’s Belly Button
By Jeram, Anita
Do elephants have belly buttons and if so, where would you begin to look?  And for a well loved elephant named Bill, this question becomes a problem.  But when he can’t find it, he is much surprised by his friend’s resolution.   Little Reader has brought it to my attention that she too, wants to sport many buttons.   No seriously, we are heading to Michael’s not only for mommy craft toys, but buttons for making belly button pictures.
The Three Silly Billies
By Palatini, Margie


Not sure why this was recommended as a great read – found it rather sterile.  So the three billies here want to cross the bridge, but don’t have enough money to pay the troll a toll, yada, yada, yada…   The creative idea of mixing up different fairy tales exists, but its vagueness and poor written manner doesn’t deliver.  Could be used to reinforce counting money, but we weren’t motivated to do the addition.  Crappy math story of which I wouldn’t even pay a buck – and that’s a wrap! 
The Girl Who Never Made A Mistake
By Pett, Mark


For Beatrice Bottomwell, life as the “girl who never makes mistakes” is quite careful in keeping her famous reputation of being perfect.  And it’s just another perfect talent show right?  Well this one’s not so easy, and guess what happens when things go awry!  Just ask her brother Carl who enjoys making mistakes.  I felt this read speaks to both children and adults.  Maybe because of my personal struggle of striving for perfection, but either way this is a great message for all.  A great girl read that’s in my Amazon cart!

Grandpa Green
By Smith, Lane
Thought this was gonna be filled with green hippyness, but to my read was pleasantly surprised.  A journey through manicured topiary, where a great grandson tells the life adventures of his Grandpa Green.   Phenomenally illustrated, showing the beautiful bond of generations.  But Little Reader was quick to point out that this looks nothing like our garden. 
Why The Banana Split
By Walton, Rick

A little zany, a bit clever, and very puny. What happens when a dinosaur comes to town? Well I’ll tell ya, the trees take their leaves, the astronauts take off, and the bananas split.   A really cute read that took some time in explaining the puns, but gave us a good laugh.

The Poodle Who Barked at the Wind
By Zolotow, Charlotte
You will turn pages and watch an annoying little poodle bark at everything!  But when this little dog’s family leaves for the day, except for the dad he’s different. And the family comes to realize why the dog barks at everything.  Heartwarming story for your little dog lovers.  This is so our schnauzer and now I’m left with one question.   Do bark collars work? 
No Roses For Harry
By Zion, Gene

We’ve all tried disposing those ugly unwanted gifts, and did you know that dogs are no different.   When Harry the pup receives a rose pattern sweater from Grandma, he will have no part of wearing it and “accidently” manages to loose it.   Old fashion flair with a surprise ending, and do realize dogs hate wearing costumes. 

Board Notes
My kindergartener has realized that she can read board books by herself.  Their simple sentences and picture cues are easier than the longer picture books we read.  And I’m just glad that she’s connecting the dots.  Whoho!  “Board books are not just for babies like the Panda, Sheep, & Owl ones right?  So can I get some of these books to keep?” - Little Reader   And who can say no to a book request? Not me, so after a visit to Emma Quay’s website, followed by a library romp, I allowed her to make her first Amazon purchase.


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