A New Year to Get It, Whatever it is!

By Library Romp - 3:17 PM

Yep, it’s time to refigure this blog thing.  I so enjoy posting our activities and on the books that Little Reader and I are delving into, but there’s just not enough time to keep it up.  [This is where my teenager interjects, “That’s what she said.”  My apologies, it’s late and I’m out of green tea.  I’ll keep it clean from here, promise.]   For the first time in months I sat down to write yesterday and realized how much I miss it.  But then it became time for romp reading, blog posting, Pinteresting penguins and Chinese New Years activities, alphabet Silly Bandz hunting, (my latest phonic activity) oh and team basketball dinner making.  Enough with the excuses already, but what’s a Mom like me to do?  I’ve always subscribed to the Nike mind-set. (Just Do It) And I’ve yet to find the spectators nodding their heads in admiration while applauding my acrobatic feats along the way.   

The little voice in my head and that of my mother’s says, “U need to simplify.”  It sounds good in context, but can I really do this?  My family has mastered the art of doing, but for me just the idea leaves me feeling terribly unproductive. 
So I’m going - ! 
9. to unsuccessfully quit Facebook.
8. to wash a pair of pants with a permanent marker in its pocket.
7.  to curse more creatively upon opening the teenager’s phone bill.
6.  to take more accidental iPhone videos of people posing for a photo while shouting “Why isn’t it taking it?”
5.  to play hours of Minecraft with my son before I realizing we never wne to bed.
4.  to mispronounce John Boehner’s last name at least twice in mixed company.
3.  to make ill-advised impulse purchases in the checkout line at Best Buy.
2. to place the yoga DVD in the player at least once a month. (Though whatever happens after that is between me and Rodney Yee.)
1.  to be unrepentantly irresolute.

Or maybe not… except the quitting Facebook
I’m really not one for resolutions, as most are made out of frustration and guilt?  So I’ve decided to put together an effort list, but mine will come from a relaxed and joyful mindset. 

 So right now, today, I am grateful for:
  • That we didn’t take out a loan to pay for Christmas. - win!
  • I got the most amazing comfy PJ’s for Christmas, and I love them so much.
  • It’s not snowing, but it is a wintery rainy day.
  • My children are entertaining themselves - possibly even cleaning their rooms.  I love those kids.
  • My hubbie and I are gainfully employed.  (Especially happy that my teacher day is done @ 11:30. a.m.)  Amazing
  • I have a delicious batch of cookies from the neighbors and Amazon just delivered new toys.  Joy!
  • My car is still running, and even still looks pretty good even though it is now 11 years old.  What a blessing!
  • My house is relatively clean, which means I can feel good about staying in my fuzzy pants a bit longer.  Wonderful!
  • There is cup of deliciousness in the kitchen.  (I'm addicted to this stuff and buy it our HEB) Hooray!
  • The candles are burning and it smells amazing.  (An after Christmas self- indulgence)
And in case you are wondering how the pigs are faring, well they’re not!   You now how often the idea of something is often more glamorous than the actually of it.  Well with pigs this is definitely the case. - They are the most vile creatures and those adorable curly tailed piggy calendars are falsely advertising.  Counting down to Show where either they will place, be sold off, or will turn into bacon.  It’s a win-win situation!

I’ve’ still been sitting on this post a week now, and it still won’t let me add pictures. Ugh!!!  They are working on it, but for now will have to post without them.   You can use the Amazon link to check out the romps, and I do apologize for the inability to fix what’s broken ;-[ 

Our Latest Romps

By Brett, Jan
We love Brett’s illustrations, but usually find her stories contrite or a bit lackluster.  This is not the case w/ Mossy, which is both visually stunning and reader engaging.  Mossy the turtle begins to grow a miniature garden on her shell and meets a boy turtle that is smitten by her beauty.   But when a museum curator decides to put her on display, Mossy begins to miss her life at the pond.  Will say that the ending has a happy resolution and a lovely moral that deserves to be shared.  This one has earned a home on Little Reader’s shelf.

Now that's one really fast turtle!

Coral Reefs
By Chin, Jason
When a little library patron opens up a coral reef book, her underwater adventure unfolds.  The text may be a tad too much for young readers, but the growing colorful images and our love of the ocean did hold attention and keep conversations going. We just read Chin's Redwoods on our last romp and love how he weaves fiction and non-fiction together.  

Perfect Square
By Hall, Michael

What does a perfect square do when he’s cut into peaces, poked full of holes, and ripped to shreds?  It creates something new and beautiful with the pieces like a fountain, mountain, or park of course.  This really won me over, leaving me rather reflective.   Not to sound sappy, but you know how forces out of our control seem to bring the unexpected and sometimes unwelcomed events?  Just like the perfect square, we to can pick up the pieces and start again.  I liked how the square reinvented itself, rather than coming from an outside force or other person. And what did my Little Reader get from all this?  “I want to cut a square and see what I can make!”

This is Not My Hat
By Klassen, J
In this follow-up of 'I Want My Hat Back' one little thieving fish tries to hide the big fish’s hat where the plants grow big and tall and close together.  And that bout sums it up.  Dark somewhat humorous hues full the pages again, but we just don’t connect with his stories.

Me First
By Lester, Helen
What a comedic cute read for the "ME FIRST!" attitudes out there.  Pinkerton the pig has is always first but finds himself in a pickle when he decides he wants to be first for a sandwich.   But things aren’t always what they seem. - A sandwich isn’t always a “sand witch.”  Great lesson for those that always wanting to be first.  “I’m going to bring this book for my teacher and maybe she will serve sandwiches to us when she reads it!” - Little Reader

By Napoli, Donna Jo

I can see how this won Best Illustrated Children’s Book, with it’s beautiful illustrations.  (I want this in a poster print.)  A young man named Albert has a fear of leaving his apartment and only puts his hand outside the window to check the daily weather. And what an unexpected transformation occurs, when a twig lands in his hand a cardinal begins building a nest.  And I wonder what Albert will do when the drama comes to an end?   My skeptic voice kept wondering how someone could stand for days holding the nest.  I did refrain from comment, but by Albert’s second day of standing at the window, Little Reader began questioning logistics.

Don’t Squish the Sasquatch
By Redeker, Kent

When a Sassquash decides to ride the bus, he will make a deal with the bus driver to not be squashed by other riders.   And when a host of rather outlandish creatures load the bus, can you guess what happens?  Nothing a few kisses and group hug won’t cure.  My Little Reader read some of this on her own and loved the silly repetitiveness - Don’t squish the Sasquatch!  “Hey we do group hugs and we are not aliens, octopus goats, or squashes!”  I gave up trying to get her to say Sasquatch instead of sasquash, but it was so cute so I let it go. -

Not that this has anything relating to the content of this post, but here’s an amazing gorilla encounter video all should see.   You guessed it, our library tote will soon become a barrel of primates.

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