Knock Knock Who’s There?

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Wow, lot’s of great door pics!  Congrats to Rustie MacDonald, she's the first place door picture winner and will receive a copy the book Doors.  And because I couldn’t just choose one, Michelle Kents is receiving a copy of The Old Man & His Door.  Also, a mentionable kudos to Aubrey Laney and her son Caleb on their creative pic.   So why doors?  Front doors are often forgotten, ignored, given not the attention they deserve.  A lot of thought should be put into your front door and here’s why.   It’s the mouth of your home, setting its tone and energy.  That’s a lot of responsibility for a just a door!  You may not know this, but color represents different things.  I'll explain momentarily...

Rustie MacDonald
Here is my favorite door....  It is to the door to my new home that I recently purchased. The success here was that I am a full time single parent, ZERO support from the EX and working my tail feathers off, offered me the opportunity to be a home owner. This DOOR is my dream....

Michelle Kents
It’s pink and not by choice.  I sent my husband to pick up purple paint which was going over our white door.  And then he decided to surprise me.  When I came home from work my front door looked like Barbie’s pink Dream House.  He had not checked the color  first, but just slapped what was in the bucket on the door.  Guess what?   I loved it, pink and all!

Aubrey & Caleb Laney
We are fanatic about Legos and this morning I asked my four year old son to construct a Lego door for mommy.  I ended up with a house, barn, and some.  After telling him I was going to send it in for a contest he insisted on taking pictures.  Here's our best door snapshot, but I did spare you the other 37.   <Enjoy>
What’s Your Front Door Color?

Blue is a great Feng Shui color. If you want your home’s curb appeal to suggest a feeling of abundance and prosperity, why not paint your front door a beautiful blue.

Do you like yellow?  A yellow door evokes mental clarity, understanding, wisdom, confidence, curiosity, and happiness. Would you want to bring some sunshine into your home?  I definitely would!

Wanna go green? This color door is said to represent balance, peace, compassion, growth, and brings harmony into the home.

Purple?  Surprisingly this is not unheard of and a lot of people are going with this color.  It's symbolizes energy and is thought to invite many opportunities into your home.


Then there’s red, the color of my last two doors.  This color means welcome, and here’s a piece of early American history for you.  For tired travelers, when they came across homes with red doors they new it was a place to stop and spend the night or rest.

         A Pepto-Bismol & Pink Bubblegum Explosion!

The other big happening around here is Little Reader turned the Big "8"  We originally planned a Totoro party but there wasn’t enough time to get the supplies shipped from Japan.  Why this adorable Japanese icon hasn’t become big in the US is beyond me?  So we went with her second choice, a Pink Fashion theme!
On A Riddle Note:  Last week I was contacted by a funny guy who asked if I would link up his page of laughs to this post. So after checking it out and having a few giggles, I’ve decided to share it.  For the young and old wanting a daily dose of funny in your life-  Here It Is!   
A-Doorable Reads & Some
Door Knockers
By Dahl, Michael

You can’t go wrong with all the giggles packed into this knock-knock joke book.  It’s sure to make you smile, but I have to admit this book goes everywhere with us now.  Maybe we can get through the morning without any more jokes ;-P

Knock At The Door
By Kemp, Moira  

Little Reader pulled this off the shelf romping door books.  Don’t bother, it’s way too with not much of a storyline.  It could better be used as an Easter display with it’s cute bunny on the cover!   If you have a teething baby this could also work.

Those Darn Squirrels And The Cat Next Door
By Rubin, Adam

Love Those Darn Squirrels, so we jumped with excitement on finding this one! The grumpy mister Fookwire may not like the pesky squirrels in his yard picking on the birds, but things are about to change when Muffins the cat moves next door.   You’ll get a kick how the squirrels pull together with the birds and teach the cat who’s boss!   After all, what harm can a bucket of ice, cold water, and string do?
Sneak A Peak
The Old Man & His Door
By Soto, Gary

I’ve never been a big Gary Soto fan, as I find the emphasis of the intermixed English to Spanish distracting from the story.  I know most people adore his books, but I think there are other writers that do this better.  Like in, Katrina The Beautiful Cockroach.  With all this to say, I was surprisingly charmed here.   When a wife tells her husband to bring a puerco to the party, he ends up bringing a puerta instead.  A pig sure would have been a lot easier to carry than lugging a door across town.  I think what I liked most here was it showed how items can be used for other purposes outside of what they are intended for.  Maybe I was too quick to judge, this one was both interactive and outright fun!
The Dinosaur Next Door
By Stimson, Joan

So books about doors are not as popular as you might think.  Surprising, I know ;-P With slim pickins’ we ended up with a Tadpole early reader book.   These AR type books are ones that Little Reader tests on at school, so we generally don’t romp them.  But we did, and it really got me thinking!  What would happen if I was awakened by a dinosaur outside my bedroom window?  Imagine I’d do what Tom did and shrink back under the covers.  That’s until realizing it was just the neighbor inviting me to a costume party.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to spoil it, but this ones a great playful read.
Cottonball Colin
By Willis, Jeanne

This one’s not bout doors, but worth the note!  I never knew about this author until now. I fell in love with Colin, the adorable little mouse and his over protective mom of course.  So before venturing out into the BIG world Collin is wrapped in cotton for protection.  Does this keep him safe?  All I’ll say is, everything that could go wrong does go wrong.  This sadly ends with the demise of this tiny rodent. No just kidding, Colin in the end becomes a whole new mouse and a mother learns to let go.  Great refresher for moms, and a reminder that we have to let our children learn about the world for themselves. 

Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn’t know you left open. 
- John Barrymore

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