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And you thought this was going to be about NKOTB didn’t you?   But a quick web search I did learn they’re on a European tour these days.  My kids look at me like I’m crazy when I talk of back in the day music. - And that’s not all that far back either.  I’m still trying to convince my teenage basketball boys that rap is not music ;-{ But I do as most mom’s do, let them base and blare their jams.  And then I bring them back to reality of what real music is.  I’m an 80’s 90’s girl in case you were wondering! Success is the NBOTB!  This easy read guide will help get you where you want to be.  In short, what you feed your mind determines your appetite, so you must begin by digging at the roots or issues impacting your life.  When you have power over your emotions and able to keep your flaws out of the picture, then you are able to move forward in achieving your goals.   Let me show you how this is easily done.  In less than a few minutes, you can begin the start to a new you!
Book fairs are still at the top of my favorite school activities, but there’s something else that comes in close second.  It’s the science fair!  This year my first grader got the whole family on board and we figured how Humpty Dumpty Could Have Been Saved.  She says I need to make this into a story.   
It’s a Winner!
And what’s up with all this cold weather, it’s supposed to be warm in south Texas?  I had shorts and flop-flops on yesterday & today dressed for the mountains.  Skiing is on the brain these days, as I’m trying to plan a family vacation before my oldest heads off to college next year.  Ski trip or cruise, not sure what would be best for my different age kids?  Something exciting enough for teens and also fun for a first grader.  
So let’s make a chocolate frosty and think on it. (Better than Wendy's)  Put chocolate milk, 2 heaping spoonfuls of whip cream, 3 spoonfuls of sweet condensed milk into blender, and cup of ice into blender and pulsate a few times.  Doesn’t take much to blend this tasty treat!

   Romps We’re Wild About
Why Can’t I Fly
By Brown, Ken
Your neck is too long, your wings are too small, and other discouraging words from a sparrow aren’t going to stop this determined ostrich.  Through a series of failing attempts, the ostrich presses on into trees, sand, and tumbles down cliffs.  To prove to those around him he builds a flying machine and does eventually get it flying.  But there’s no one around to see?  Or maybe they do see him, just from a different view. This story of true friendship will have you cheering at the end. Be sure and snag this one off the shelf and keep it for a while.
Good Thing You’re Not An Octopus
By Markes, Julie

Too much trouble to brush your teeth, well at least your not a shark.  Don’t like having to get dressed in the morning, good thing your not an octopus.  Here you’ll walk in the shoes of a little boy that doesn’t want to do the not-so-fun things. Lessoned learned that no matter how bad you think you have it, things could always be worse. 

The Tortoise & The Hare
By Pinkney, Jerry
A detailed, pictorially engaging, award-winning classic.  Do I really need to tell you the rabbit doesn’t win?  But the difference here, this classic tale is told with a western twist.  The pictures definitely steal the show on this one.
The Boo! Book
By Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel

Do ghosts really live in books and if so, what should we do about it?  This suspenseful tongue-n-cheek ghost rule book is illustrated beautifully in pastels adding to its imaginative nature.   Don’t want to spoil it but as you read it, so will the suspense.  That is to the last page. POP!
I’d Know you Anywhere, My Love
By Tillman, Nancy
Not only will it capture your eyes, but also your heart.  And the best part about it is that children get to ROAR!   When a mother’s child becomes a different animal, she always recognizes them. No matter what our children become or dream for that matter, we moms will always love them.  I first downloaded this on my Kindle, but later found this doesn’t do the book justice.  I find this to be the case with books having outstanding detailed artwork like this!  Besides I love to hear the pages turning and not to mention the smell of a new book.  It’s okay to let your nerd show, I do all the time ;-P
You know I love stories that capture the heart.
Here’s one that really defines family. 
The Egg
By Roberston, M P
Cute little book about a boy who hatches an egg and ends up rasing what’s inside.  In a non-preachy manner it depicts responsibility, caring for others, and in the end, letting go.  Perfect length, great illustrations, and now every time we see a rock we have to examine it to make sure it’s not a dinosaur egg. 
What To Do If An Elephant Steps On Your Foot
By Robinson, Michelle
A great snuggle time read!   Like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, but here your safari guide can’t seem to find his way out of trouble in the jungle.  And from the moment the elephant steps on the guide’s foot, this circular tale goes awry.  This fun witty book will leave you with the message of listen, keep calm, and never give up!

The doors will be open to those that are bold enough to knock. 
Author & Mom - Ally Winer
I'm into doors these days and our next romp will be about them. Do you really pay attention to the entrance of your home? You'd be surprised how a door can transform the feel of any abode.  So  I'm calling for door pictures.  Take a picture of your door or snap a shot of one you like.  They will go up on the next post, and the favorite will receive a copy of Doors by Celeste Sollod.  Join the fun and feel free to submit door puns along the way!

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