Egg Drop Soup

By Library Romp - 2:56 PM

Egg Drop
By Grey, Mini

Egg Drop is a cautionary quirky tale about an egg that wants to fly, ignoring aerodynamics. After plunging from Very Tall Tower, he soon realizes he falling, not flying.  (Don’t despair, it doesn't go to waste.) The fact that chickens can't fly throws a wrench into the moral of patience here, but this tragic eggy tale is still humorous in a dark sort of way. 
"Eggs don’t fly, it’s going to be egg drop soup!" - Little Critic
Yum, great idea! Yet again, a children’s book has led to a food craving. - CR

I have always associated egg drop soup with Chinese cuisine, but just learned it’s found in many cultures.  In fact egg drop soup was a common dish during the Depression Era.  - See Clara, a 91 year old cook and great grandmother tell delightful stories from her childhood and prepare meals from her era.

The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
By Grey, Mini

A kooky extension of the rhyme in which the dish ran away with the spoon. So what really happened after the dish ran away with the spoon? They went to vaudeville to be performers, but end up doing hard time, 25 years in prison to be exact. Illustrations kept bringing little reader back into the story, although she didn’t get most of the book.  Ho-hum towards this read - CR

Traction Man meets Turbodog
By Grey, Mini

Ever thought about what your child goes through when you throw away something dear to them? Traction Man and Turbo Dog show you, in this comic book inspired story.  Scrubbing Brush, Traction Man’s loyal sidekick is tossed into the trash bin. So after trying out the new Turbo Dog, Traction Man isn’t impressed and searches the depths of the smelly underworld to find his lost companion.  Shades of Toy Story, lots of detail, a book that’s fun to read over and over!

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