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By Library Romp - 11:55 AM

By Bunting, Eve

In 1992, a flotilla of bathtub toys fell off a container ship in the North Pacific.  Were they ever found you ask?  Well… just follow along the adventurous and mostly true story of Ducky!   Yes, I’m partial to books that take to real life situations and this favorite never gets old.

“Mama I want a duck bath with lots of bubbly duckys.” -  Little Reader 
So now where to find ducks, and lots of them?

Hopefully pear duck salad will suffice for now!
Lettuce on a plate
Pear half on top, outside up
Cheese triangles on top of the pear & two triangle cheese feet

Sadly thousands of children experienced duck loss, but these ducks have been valuable to science in the study of currents.

A Pig is Moving In!
Fries, Claudia

Some neighbors assume their new neighbor is going to be too sloppy.  When spills and other mishaps start to occur, they try to put the blame on pig. But, they soon learn their preconceptions are incorrect.  A great example at what happens when we are too quick to judge others. Delightful read aloud, and we found another best book!

Let's Do Nothing!
By Tony Fucile


This F section romp read inspired giggly questions from the Little Critic.  In this story, two boys decide they have done everything and decide that maybe they should do nothing. But doing nothing is very hard to do.  Just try it!

Children Make Terrible Pets
By Brown, Peter

A comical role reversal.  Lucy the bear finds a small boy in the woods and wants to keep him as a pet.  Momma bear advises, "Children make terrible pets," but Lucy promises to take care of him.  And indeed, they do not.  The illustrations are sweet and the words are cartoon text bubbles. “If I sing underwater it’s going to make bubble words.” - Little Reader

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