By Library Romp - 1:15 PM

On a Haunted Note!

Little Reader and I swept the library looking for spooky reads.  With pages of ghosts, witches, apples, pumpkins and our first cold front, we move into Halloween mode. Ok maybe not cold, but anything below 90 is cool for Texas beach living.  I see the makings of a story here, our jack-o'-lantern catching the waves in Port A.

Here are a few of our latest books.

By Szilagyi, Mary

In short, a little girl becomes frightened by a thunderstorm and after being comforted by her mother, she in turn comforts the family dog hiding under the couch.  It’s an older (1985) simple book, but its “scratchy pictures" grabbed Little Critic’s attention and she snatched it off the shelf.  (Out of romp sequence.)  After three reads, the Little Reader is still drawn to the girl’s expressions throughout the story.

Earth to Clunk
By Smallcomb, Pam

A fresh story that takes the concept of pen pals to a whole new place!  A boy is forced to be pen pals with an alien from planet Quazar.  So he sends his big sister off and in return gets a Zoid, whatever that is.  From old lasagna to smelly socks, it's a friendship from out of this world.  An excellent merge of text and art, and a five star funny read aloud.   

Mail Harry to the Moon!
By Harris, Robie

“Before Harry, there was ME!” A cute new baby story about a little boy who gets a nuisance of a baby brother.  But when he goes missing, big brother will go all the way to the moon to find him. Humorous take on sibling rivalry, but somehow didn’t fancy me nor my trusty sidekick.

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