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Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Weird Dig

Necks Out for Adventure: The True Story of Edwin Wiggleskin
By Ering, Timothy Basil

Digging in the E section, I found the strangest read yet! These clams, or Wiggleskins live by two simple rules, necks out to eat, and necks in to hide! But when they are snatched by the hornly scratcher, the brave Edwin shucks his shell to save his family. The valuable lesson – Who knows what we will miss if we don’t stick out our neck every now and then.
“We have digging wiggly shells at our beach, but they are more pretty than the Wiggleskins.” - Little Critic 

Author Note: Timothy is brilliantly able to illustrate and tell odd, but extraordinary adventures. 
Suddenly I have a craving for steamed clams - delectable, delicious, and delightful.  Most importantly the recipe must be simple! Any ideas?

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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Cherry Reason to Celebrate

Being that it’s National Cherry Popsicle Day, and that I made it through the first week of school, I will indulge in a Sonic cherry slush and sweep the Bell Whittington library.

With lots of tears, giggles, lunch box notes, and rushed drop-offs I did it. And now my little book critic is learning to not interrupt her teacher, “I already read that book, and that one, and all the books in the reading center!” - What have I done?

As I romp through alphabetically, books are checked out by other patrons and so I miss a few. But I’ll hit the majority and frequently check to see if new titles have been added. How many books have I read, you ask? Not sure exactly, because I frequently loose my library card and have to use one of the kids!  But in the ball park of 300.  C'est la vie!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning the Pages

Last night my little book lover and I poured through books on starting school. And today dressed in purple, Twinkle toes, and pink bows she left for kindergarten. Yes, for the first time ever I sit at the computer without a child to interrupt.   And the realization that I must give her up to the less-than-perfect world has set in. So now I turn the pages of a new and different life…  

- Not ready to romp the library without her yet.

The Kissing Hand
By Slate, Joseph

A heartfelt story about starting school for the first time.  Momma shares "the kissing hand" with her little raccoon to show that she loves him and is thinking about him, even when they are not together.
- First Mom cry over a children’s book.

Welcome to Kindergarten
By Rockwell, Anne

Come explore the world of kindergarten through primary colors and art that looks as if it were drawn by a child.   Class pets, art, learning to count, read, and write make kindergarten an exciting place. 

Our Other School Reads:

Messy Marcy Macintyre
By Cotton, Debie

Miss Bindergarten Get’s Ready for Kindergarten
By Slate, Joseph

Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten
 By Slate, Joseph

Mama, Don’t Go
By Wells, Rosemary

The Night Before First Grade
By Wing, Natasha
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Monday, August 15, 2011

D Scoop

Here are a few reads by D' authors that nailed it.  It being great rhythm, style, and story line.  

Toy Boat
By Deseve, Randall

The artwork and oddity of this story makes for pure enchantment.  Also, living on the water makes me partial to boat stories, especially toy boats going on adventures. 

Llama Llama Mad at Mama, Llama Llama Misses Mama, & Llama Llama Red Pajama
By Dewdney, Anna

Can’t go wrong  with Lllama Llama!  They accurately and adorably portray little llama’s feelings in different situations.  My little critic takes her llama (Sally) everywhere, and visits these books over and over.  

Tonight we are making macaroni and cheese for a llama tea party.  I wonder what a llama wears for a dinner party and do they have good table manners?   

What the Ladybug Heard
By Donaldson, Julia

Not normally a fan of farm animal reads, until reading this witty twist.  A clever ladybug gets the animals to make a different sound in order to trick burglars from stealing the prize cow.   Little critic loved the mixed up animal sounds. - “Moo, Oink, Meow!”  
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

That’s A Wrap!

Lunch Wrap - Flat bread pocket stuffed with ham, cheese, and veggies to be exact.

C Wrap - Besides the few previous book posts, a sprinkle of Eric Carle, and these hilarious Christmas parodies, not wowed with the C romp reads.

Redneck Night Before Christmas
By David Davis

This whimsical version of the Night Before Christmas is full of redneck lingo and clever illustrations.  Would this amusing 1997 NRA Santa story be published in today’s current children’s market? Um, No ….

Very clever and looking for more titles like this. - Great words David Davis.

Librarian's Night Before Christmas

As a library romp girl, I thoroughly enjoyed the funny references and comical pictures.  What librarian wouldn’t want Santa and the library elves to bring much needed gifts to the library?  

- Lots of little critic giggles!
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

C These Reads

Jake’s Best Thumb
By Ilene Cooper

Sometimes we need things to help us feel brave, especially in kindergarten.  A fun read for readers reluctant to give up their best thumb.

The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep
By Mircea Catusanu

In reading to myself, "A kooky mystery blended with basic counting, and a surprise ending."   In reading to the little critic, “Yum, lollipop, Baah!” -  Got lost in the read- aloud.  

Boss of the Plains
By Laurie Carlson

Gotta love the Stetson hat story.  Some blazed trails, some struck gold, but John Stetson made his mark on the American Frontier with a hat. I adore picture books that tell history through colorful art and language. 

Hats off to ya Laurie Carlson - Yehaw!
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enough Said

Remember my rant on books that don’t have enough words. (Too Purpley! - just an eye feast.)  We stumbled on Ella Sarah Gets Dressed, by Margaret Chodos-Irvine.

- An adorable depiction of an independent little girl who knows exactly what she wants to wear… all in 266 words.  This perfect balance of text and pictures is a gift.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Question Nobody Asks

Why exactly am I doing this?   Not to write 300 reviews on what I’ve read thus far, and not to set book standards.  Quite simply, I’m aligning this reading experience with personal ones to see where they intersect.   Here the answer to what makes me a writer, or not lies. Maybe I’m using the books as a vehicle to get there, but so what. 

Ok fine, I’m a bookaholic. I don’t choose the books that suit me, they choose me.  Sometimes the connection is commonality, curiosity, or an escape.  So in visiting the library habitat this afternoon, I’ll romp D authors while little one hunts for googley eyed sea creatures and mermaids.  
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Shark Week!

The perfect tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy diet for an 11 year old. Puddings, applesauce, and a Jell-O Aquarium.   Swedish fish and gummy sharks have inhabited the fridge. This blue edible concoction has me thinking about the Steel Island Reef

My manuscript in a bottle bobbing somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.  Will it be picked up by an agent or eaten by a shark? - Will catch Shark Week and see.  
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cool B Reads

I’ve been enjoying the cool Port A waves and catching up on my reads. No, Tropical Storm Don didn’t bring rain, but did bring huge fish into the surf.  Today I’ll put down the fishing pole and get ready to romp the C authors. 

These five star books come highly recommended from the little critic -  
"Cool reads"

Panda and Polar Bear
By Baek, Matthew

A heartwarming adventure of two very different bears discovering friendship.   Surprise ending - They are in a zoo. A book you can read time and time again…

Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff
By Burell, Sarah

I’m kinda partial to Texas tales, being that I’m a pure Texan lady myself.  In fact I’m lookin’ for a place like Dustpan to hang my hat.   The zany rattler, town sheriff, and Idie May will have you chuckling the whole way through.  A higher word count, like I like and full of flavor.  

By Broach, Elise

One hot dog cruises the neighborhood looking for a place to cool down.  Of course everywhere he goes elicits, “wet dog!” Rhyme and rhythm style is similar to my writing. Beautifully illustrated and the love of dogs is apparent in this story.

Honey… Honey… Lion!
By Brett, Jan

The honey guide is a charming folktale.   In this African story, the bird tricks the badger to teach him a lesson in sharing.  Nicely illustrated and uniquely written. Very good, but not great!
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