C These Reads

By Library Romp - 1:42 PM

Jake’s Best Thumb
By Ilene Cooper

Sometimes we need things to help us feel brave, especially in kindergarten.  A fun read for readers reluctant to give up their best thumb.

The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep
By Mircea Catusanu

In reading to myself, "A kooky mystery blended with basic counting, and a surprise ending."   In reading to the little critic, “Yum, lollipop, Baah!” -  Got lost in the read- aloud.  

Boss of the Plains
By Laurie Carlson

Gotta love the Stetson hat story.  Some blazed trails, some struck gold, but John Stetson made his mark on the American Frontier with a hat. I adore picture books that tell history through colorful art and language. 

Hats off to ya Laurie Carlson - Yehaw!

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