One Weird Dig

By Library Romp - 1:40 PM

Necks Out for Adventure: The True Story of Edwin Wiggleskin
By Ering, Timothy Basil

Digging in the E section, I found the strangest read yet! These clams, or Wiggleskins live by two simple rules, necks out to eat, and necks in to hide! But when they are snatched by the hornly scratcher, the brave Edwin shucks his shell to save his family. The valuable lesson – Who knows what we will miss if we don’t stick out our neck every now and then.
“We have digging wiggly shells at our beach, but they are more pretty than the Wiggleskins.” - Little Critic 

Author Note: Timothy is brilliantly able to illustrate and tell odd, but extraordinary adventures. 
Suddenly I have a craving for steamed clams - delectable, delicious, and delightful.  Most importantly the recipe must be simple! Any ideas?

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