When life hands you lemons…

By Library Romp - 12:55 PM

Blog about it! A fried computer, a  leaky washer, and a hot air conditioner have kept me away. Now all replaced, and order has been restored.  So where am I now? At home on the new HP, washing with the  new Kenmore, and chilling in the now cold AC. Oh, you mean with the library romp? Excavating missed titles and starting the F authors. I also pulled a new youth read, The Lemonade Crime, by Jacqueline Davies for my middle reader… A fun fast read for kids and adults. See how the book developed.

 Home Library Additions

By Di Terlizzi, Tony

A wildly creative bonding story of a little boy, his imaginary friend, and a busy dad. The play with words in the story adds giggles.(raspberry-cereal and Monopoly-Twister)
Last night’s dinner - “Momma, can we put Strawberry Quick on the dog?” Um, no, why? “I want a strawberry doggie like Ted!”  

My Mom is Trying to Ruin My Life
By Feiffer, Kate

The title says it all.  There was a time when we all thought our mothers were trying to ruin our life.  Only through self-discovery, do we realize the importance of these lessons.  My little reader still likes kisses in public, eating healthy, and mom showing up at school… the teenagers not the case. The pink and green color scheme added a nice backdrop to the story.

My Name is Not Isabella
By Fosberry, Jennifer

Isabella, a little girl has big dreams of being somebody great. She spends the day pretending to be some of the greatest female heroines in history.  Full of personality and a great way for young girls to learn history and find inspiration.  "Isabella is happy, but I’ll always want to be a pink princess!" - Little Critic

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