Turning the Pages

By Library Romp - 8:54 AM

Last night my little book lover and I poured through books on starting school. And today dressed in purple, Twinkle toes, and pink bows she left for kindergarten. Yes, for the first time ever I sit at the computer without a child to interrupt.   And the realization that I must give her up to the less-than-perfect world has set in. So now I turn the pages of a new and different life…  

- Not ready to romp the library without her yet.

The Kissing Hand
By Slate, Joseph

A heartfelt story about starting school for the first time.  Momma shares "the kissing hand" with her little raccoon to show that she loves him and is thinking about him, even when they are not together.
- First Mom cry over a children’s book.

Welcome to Kindergarten
By Rockwell, Anne

Come explore the world of kindergarten through primary colors and art that looks as if it were drawn by a child.   Class pets, art, learning to count, read, and write make kindergarten an exciting place. 

Our Other School Reads:

Messy Marcy Macintyre
By Cotton, Debie

Miss Bindergarten Get’s Ready for Kindergarten
By Slate, Joseph

Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten
 By Slate, Joseph

Mama, Don’t Go
By Wells, Rosemary

The Night Before First Grade
By Wing, Natasha

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