#Rockport Strong

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August 25th hurricane Harvey slammed our little town of Rockport Texas. We have now returned to a damaged home and my forest is cut in half, but grateful as many here returned to nothing.

Here's the rundown of our first few days. We boarded up, packed our bags, and the kids I headed up north. - Husband had to stay back on the hurricane committee. The house goodbye went something like this, "Goodbye we'll see you on the next episode of Fixer Upper."

We hunkered down in a hotel with other Aransas county residents and tuned in to what was happening back home. As the day turned to night, the strangers from our town now felt like family. Together we watched the kid's schools, our homes, and the places we love being torn apart.  And the gut wrenching texts of those that stayed back. "Were putting socials on our arms in case we don't make it." It was then a couple brought out their 300$ anniversary bottle of tequila. I'm not a drinker, so had to be reminded how to do a proper shot. Hehe ;-)  In this moment we said goodbye to the way things used to be and welcomed whatever our new life would soon be.

The next few days we still didn't sleep much. We went to breakfast in our pj's just like home and this brought comfort to our fuzzy minds. And we waited to hear any news of loved ones, our homes, and friends. - My husband was safe and staying with friends. People began to check out, some returning home and others traveling to more long-term living arrangements.  - AKA FEMA.  Without power and water there was no reason for us to rush home yet.  So began the next adventure on our trek across Texas. Here's what we saw on Eagleview.
Before & After  Pics - We are middle home

The amount of support we received on our trip  was amazing. Especially, the complimentary hotel @ Staybridge Suites in College Station. And Booneville Animal Hospital for helping us out with our pup along the way. Gotta love those Aggies!

And there's BIG book news - Coming Soon

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