Clean Room Fairy Tales

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How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps
By Huget, Jennifer

A delightful romp enjoyed by all, including the messy big sister. Yes, girls can be just a messy as boys!  With tongue-in-cheek humor, this gives kids step by step advice on how to shove everything under the bed, in the closet, etc…  Spot on!
CR - “Why are spoons under the bed?”
Big Sister - “Um no, that’s not me. I have never stuffed kitchen utensils, only muffin tins, once, promise!" 
 Little Reader - “You are the “stuffer girl!"  I mean, the pink fairies were making Cream of Wheat last night under the bed, see here are the Raisins."
Big Sister - “They must have also put all my gym clothes in the doll house.”
- So after wrapping the pink fairies in a decorated box, we started what was to be a simple room clean. It has since grown into rearranging furniture, adding a different rug, a jeweled lamp, and new blue fairies that will keep watch on those messy pink fairies.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

The Ugly Pumpkin
By Horowitz, Dave

A Halloween / Thanksgiving crossover tale with an ugly duckling twist.  You won’t find a turkey here, just a lonely pumpkin that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.  This  book favorite is kept in our Halloween / Fall bin and we look forward to reading it every year. We even try to pick out an ugly pumpkin to go along with it. 
Spoiler alert! This story contains my favorite ever exclamation of revelation, "Oh, my gosh, I'm a squash!"

Squish Rabbit
By Battersby, Katherine
(Not sure why all the hype over meritocracy.   Not a well-executed package like expected.)

Two older and Better Pics from Little Reader

La La Rose
By Ichikawa, Satomi

Humphrey’s Birthday
By Hunter, Sally

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