Gone Batty

By Library Romp - 3:56 PM

Just before sunrise yesterday, I peeked outside to see if the cold front had arrived.   I noticed a gray lump clinging to the side of the house. Then about a foot away, the small grey lump popped out two glorious fur-lined leathery wings. It flew to the ground landing right in front of me, enough to see fangs, and then took off.  The family raced outside, but by this time there was not a trace of this wondrous bat.  Consensus was Mom’s going batty.  Already there, and now fill the day these amazing creatures.

First we romp and read bat books

Daft Bat 
By Willis, Jeanne

Bat needs an umbrella to keep his feet dry.  Makes perfect since to me, it’s all about perspective.  All the other animals think he's ridiculous and daft (wrong). But after hanging upside down, they understand bat sees things from a different point of view.   Entertaining lesson not shoved down your throat, and flipping the book upside down to read adds to the enjoyment.  British humor funny - CR 
Bat reading with Little Reader

By Cannon, Janell

When Stellaluna, a baby fruit bat is separated from her mother and falls into a birds nest, the bird family decides to take her in as their own. But she must follow the “bird rules” of eating bugs without making faces, sleeping in the nest at night, and not hanging by her feet. Ok, so the illustrations capture these awkward humorous moments and parts of the dialog are clever, but the wordiness takes away from this.  So being too verbose, doesn’t give this a top read, and I’m now wondering why we own so many of her books? - Gifts I suppose…
Note: award winning authors do not always write the greatest gifts. What a great t-shirt idea!

Bats at the Library

By Lies, Brian

Much to enjoy for fans of both libraries and bats. A window is left ajar and it's bat night at the library!  See them explore all the fun things a library has to offer, and lose themselves in books. The beautiful and intricate pictures will have you wanting to step into this crafty story. “I want that picture in my room.” - Little Reader  Not sure if they have a poster of this 2-page spread? - CR 
A definite home library addition, as each time you re-read it, you’re bound to find new things.
Other bat books by Lies, Brian

Bats at the Beach 

Bats at the Ballgame

 Next are bat pancakes
Yes, I cooked!  Quickly mixed Hungry Jack Pancakes batter and then added 1/2 cup miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips before cooking.  After cooled, we cut pancakes with a bat shaped cookie cutter and topped with butter and syrup. Yum! 

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