A Authors Afternoon

By Library Romp - 3:41 PM

Song and Dance Man
By Ackerman, Karen

Song and Dance Man glances back into the good old days, and is filled with family fun and creativity.   Older references and being a tad too wordy lost my little critic, but talking about the pictures brought her back into the story.  Ever taped quarters to the bottom of a five year-olds shoes?  Guaranteed entertainment, especially at the post office! 

Year Published: 1992
Word Count: 871

All of Baby, Nose to Toes
By Adler, Victoria

All of Baby, Nose to Toes is a charming simple story for baby.  Generally I don’t read baby books, except for the classics. But in short, this book would be a great addition on baby's bookshelf.

Year Published: 2009

By Ahlberg, Allan


Previously cleverly intertwines fairytale characters with the word, previously.  This story has what I call, good word cadence.   The animated illustrations earned five stars with the little critic.

Year Published: 2007

Each Peach Plum
By Ahlberg, Janet

The Legend of the Whistle Pig, The Lizard Who Followed Me Home
Allen, Kate

Peeping Beauty
By Auch, Mary Jane

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