A Book Review

By Library Romp - 3:23 PM

The Lizard Who Followed Me Home, by Kate Allen is delightfully told from a child’s point of view. When a young girl visits her grandmother before moving across the country, she rescues a lizard from the dryer.  Follow along the wacky journey of this sneaky reptile, through beautifully illustrated details and connecting humorous text.  Now, I just have to convince the critic that lizards do not make good pets.
Author Note:  A bit old, but good.  
Year Published: 1995
Illustrator Note:  In exploring Jim Harris, I learned he illustrates many other picture book favorites. The Lizard Who Followed Me Home, The Three Little Javelinas, and The Legend of the Whistle Pig Wrangler.  “A true talent of bringing books to life.”  


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