Into The New

By Library Romp - 7:36 PM

So the Christmas tree (yes, it's a real) is on the curb and lights are off the house. But the newness of the gifts has not yet worn off. Especially, the adult coloring books. Colored pencils, fine tipped markers, and intricate designs still occupying hours.  I look at the different color combinations the kids have filled on their pages. This opens the imagination I need to find that magical click.  Finding just the right turn of the key to open the doors of my writing success.
This Christmas and New Year’s, I was reminded how the essence of holidays are much more important than what we sometimes make of them. Take away the involved dinners, decorating expenses, gifts, and shopping, I was brought to focusing on Christ's love, family, giving to others, and gratefulness. And of course starting anew. 
For book rompers like myself, anew means more reading. What a better way to create a new journey in 2016 than to make a book resolution! I'm in entrepreneurial mode amassed by my new Christmas reads.
  Where I'm looking for insight and inspiration to guide my journey.  

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Not my resolutions, just process plans.
Large resolution reached with small plans.
Read for knowledge; write for understanding.
Give books to those who need.
My stories will reach the hearts of children instilling a passion for written words.
 And lastly, where are we on the book front?
Excited to announce that this year Pixie will make her debut. Yes, it's taking longer than expected getting Pixie and The Green Book Mystery off the press. But soon young readers will get to meet this adorable, library romping, apple loving 3rd grader.
How will  reading make a greater impact in your life this year?

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