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By Library Romp - 9:42 AM

The Christmas book basket is full, our 25 day countdown has begun, basketball is in full swing, and so far no broken bones.  In case you weren’t with us last year my sophomore broke his knee and the very next day my fifth grader broke his arm.  This made for a very interesting Christmas and we even had to cancel our ski trip to Banff Springs.  Well not really, but made for a good joke none the less.  Maybe someday when I don't have four always hungry, basketball, FFA, gymnastic going, teenage driving kids then my vacations won’t just lie between the pages.  So where would I go?  Glad you asked, I’ve always wanted to visit Japan.  I love the Japanese culture and often stay up into the wee hours of the night Kindle watching Japanese movies.   Mom’s, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

But back to reality, the only thing Asian around here is the Noodle House and Tae Kwon DO Plus.  I bet you didn’t know I was a purple belt, only three away from black.   Then we moved south and so my life changed direction as it tends to do.
And for those inquiring minds, we’ve started our Christmas countdown. This year I decided not to go with the chain again, but instead use an antique printer’s tray.  I printed the 25 activities on textured white paper and turned them into scrolls by rolling and tying with gold ribbon.  As Little Reader was very concerned about the empty slots, she did find chocolate kisses to put in them.  But they keep disappearing, and it’s not the little ones, it’s the teenagers.  Did I mention they also ate my candy train and secret Santa snack as well ;-{
2.  Family Game Night
3. Sonic Christmas Shakes
9.  Christmas Tree
10. Pinecone Bird Feeder
11. Unwrap A New Book To Read
12.  Ice Cream Sundaes
13. Ornament Writing
15.  San Antonio – Celtics / Spurs Basketball Game
17. Dr. Seuss Movie Night
18. Christmas Light Walk
19. Christmas Story (place light in window inviting Jesus into our home.)
20. Water Balloon Marbles & Christmas Cookies
25. Merry Christmas – Open Presents

The Not Christmas Books in Review

By Baicker-McKee, Carol

It’s the adorable felt pictures that makes this book work.  The story itself is ho-hum, but there’s a dose of cute that little book lovers will find irresistible.   So why not follow Mimi the pig, her stuffed bunny, and pet bug to library school. 

The Top Secret Files of Mother Goose
Gosling, Gabby

When the Queen of Hearts tarts go missing, Chief Detective Mother Goose is on the case. You’ll love all the nursery rhyme characters in this humorous little tale.

Miss Mingo and the First Day of School
By Harper, Jamie

Did you know a pelican's beak holds 3.5 gallons of water?   Neither did I, but here you will find all sorts of cool animal facts.  It’s the first day of school and Miss Mingo the flamingo has each animal share something unique about themselves.  Fun, informative, and you will love the illustrations. 

I Know A Wee Piggy
By Norman, Kimberly

Just like I Know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly, the author uses bouncy rhyme and rhythm here to introduce color concepts.   When one perky pig wallows himself in every color of the rainbow, will he be able to win a prize at the fair?  I will give you a hint that he’s covered in blue, but isn’t that from his wallowing? “The sentences are too long saying the same thing!” - Little Reader
By Sattler, Jennifer Gordon


We all know it’s our unique characteristics that make us special, but for Sylvie the flamingo this is one lesson to be learned.  After learning why she is pink, she eats a myriad of colored foods and enjoys the changes until she no longer feels like herself.  An adorable curious inducing read, much like A Bad Case of Stripes.  “It’s Christmas time so I want my flamingo to be candy cane!” – Little Reader  
And now how can I work in a red and white flamingo craft this afternoon?

So after printing out flamingo coloring pages and then painting with pink Jell-O, Little Reader has decided she wants a pet flamingo for Christmas.  We have Roseate Spoonbills around here, so an Indian Point  romp will just have to do.  But I could really get into this flamingo thing.  That’s it, I’ve’ had an epiphany - a flamingo Christmas.  Hello Amazon ;-)

Check out this pink read that’s landing in March.

Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story
Wheeler, Lisa
Cushion the lonely porcupine lives in a petting zoo and down on his luck in finding a wife.  Will his songs help him find the love of his life?  Not telling - your gonna have to read it and see. And yes, Little Reader did like my singing to the tune of “Oh, Susannah!"

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