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By Library Romp - 4:02 PM

It’s been a zoo around here.  First observation - tadpoles are the absolute weirdest mutant creatures.  Little Reader found tiny legs on One Guy and now convinced it's a Pokémon.  Second - basset hounds are the absolute cutest dogs. 

One showed up at our door, and so we decided to take it in and look for the owner.  It was love at first sight, and we named her Daisy Mae.  (Our neurotic schnauzer even began exhibiting signs of normalcy when around her.)  But sadly after given a clean bill of health from the vet and a 50$ Pet smart romp, the owners came forward.

On a book note we have been reading a lot of animal books and re-reading some of our favs.  

Charlie the Ranch Dog
By Drummond, Ree
(Little Reader read this to Daisy and she loved it.  Actually, she slept through the whole story.)

A fun look at country life told from the perspective of a lazy hound. Charlie likes to talk about all the things he does around the ranch, but actually spends his day eating and sleeping.   This book was even funnier having spent time with the lost basset hound.  Adding this to our personal collection. 

By Helakoski, Leslie

Refreshing and entertaining for both big and lil readers.  An adorable sheep named Woolbur is a little unconventional, and likes to run with the dogs and loom his own head.  It’s a great reminder of how we all need to find our own path and with a refreshing conclusion.  Also a new favorite quote, “Woolbur had a little trouble with the herd today."

Animal Reader Likes

No More Melons for Gilda the Giraffe
By Papineau, Lucie
The Blue Frogs
By Roberson, Dongwol Kim
(Korean folktale)
Badger's Fancy Meal
By Kasza, Keiko
Charlie at the Zoo
By Pfister, Marcus

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