Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!

By Library Romp - 8:51 AM

Everything seems to be straightening out around here, despite the broken bones, oral surgery, and microwave fire.   What  a wonderiffic, readalicious, Clark Griswold Christmas.

Little Reader demonstrated what happens when a biscuit is reheated in a microwave for 15 minutes.   Don’t worry One Guys and Dominos survived, but are retaliating by refusing to turn into frogs.  Also to note our countdown activities were a success, except for the leaky snow globes - via now @ Hobby Lobby looking for snow globe kits.
Quick Reflection: You could say, I’m learning to let go of preconceived notions of how I think things should be.  I’m determined to appreciate whatever comes my way and awe at the unexpected, so bring it on. Think I’ll play it safe this New Years by romp reading, de-Christmasing, solving the worlds smallest 1,000 piece puzzle, Scrabble Cooking, and Kindle reading with Little Reader.   

                                                Oh, The Things We Did

Rolled suet into balls, mixed in peanut butter, and rolled in birdseed.

Waiting to feed the birds and “chickmumps” on the tree house.

Blitzen was in an accident during reindeer camp so Little Reader was called to help Santa deliver gifts. Didn’t remember going to China, but did awake with trinkets under a little tree and hay in her bed. Oh the magic of Christmas.
Gingerbread Houses for everyone. 

                                             Oh, The Books We Liked

The Snow Globe Family
By O’Connor, Jane       

Jane O'Connor known for her Fancy Nancy, has created an imaginative winter wonderland story. The snow globe family wishes for their big family to pick it up and shake it for a snow, and the only one that notices this is baby.  Will they get a big snow? 
"If someone shakes us, will it snow here?  Watch me wiggle!"  - Little Reader
After wiggling to her sisters IPOD tunes, there’s still no snow.  But what a great escape to a winter world on the mantel. 

By Rylant, Cynthia

A girl and her grandmother enjoy the magical many types of snow.   This warm fuzzy read will take you back to delightful simpler times.  The illustrations are works of art, and you may find the book is much more than snow.  Moving on to snow flakes and a south Texas snowball fight - wadded up paper. 

Old Bear
By Henkes, Kevin

A hibernating bear vividly dreams about the seasons, including things like a summer daisy sun and blueberry rainfall.  The past and present are cleverly set apart through change in color and layout, it's visually striking, and so I give this five stars.  Little Reader quickly departed to make her own season pictures.

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