Witches Brew & Sparkly Fairy Shoes

By Library Romp - 4:14 PM

We made it to Halloween!  With haunted romps, eyeball bubbling stew, (chicken and dumplings) candy apples, hanging bats, glowing jack-o-lanterns, and ghost popping boos. 

So while the teenagers devour the trick-or-treaters candy bowl, one purple fairy and one zombie head into the night of goblins and ghouls.    


Wanda Witch and the Bullies
By Impey, Rose

This Scholastic Level 3 Reader kept giggles and questions going throughout the whole read. Much to Wanda’s embarrassment her mom makes the cat, Cat-a-bogus walk her to school.  There, she takes matters into her own wand when she’s tripped and bullied. And when walking home after school, she devises a sweet form of retaliation that any goblin will surely dislike.   
“I’m going to be what the goblins are for Halloween. Can we make my brother wear that?” - Little Reader - Um, no!

A Very Brave Witch
By McGhee, Alison

Did you know that witches are frightened of humans?  In this cute Halloween story, a little witch sets out to prove that she isn't afraid of people, even though they aren't green. But when her flight goes awry, she will soon find out if the other witches have been right all along, or if perhaps over-exaggeration was at play.  The word bubbles and colorful illustrations, makes this a sweet read.

“I want a green face Mama, so that I can be a witch fairy tonight.” Little Reader – (We are sticking with the Purple Fairy.)

 The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
By Williams, Linda

On a windy afternoon a little old lady goes for a walk in the forest, and when it starts to get dark she begins seeing things on her path. - Two big shoes, pants, a shirt, two white gloves, a black hat, and a very scary pumpkin head. Did this scare the little old lady or the crows away?  A spooktacular read-aloud with patterns and special effect sounds that will have young readers making the noises and acting them out. (CLOMP, CLOMP, WIGGLE, WIGGLE, SHAKE, SHAKE)

The Farmer and the Witch
By De Lage, Ida

Amanda and the Witch Switch
By Himmelman, John

Trick or Treat, Danny!
By Kunhardt, Edith

Spooky ABC
By Merriam, Eve

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