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Pixie And The Green Book Mystery,
an action-packed illustrated early chapter book...

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A word from the author…

Libraries are magical places. What may seem as just books on shelves, are actually portals with the power to transport you into unimaginable worlds. Some libraries are new and filled with current books. And some are quite old and filled with books written before our time. But not all stories have happy endings. The libraries are also home to dangerous villains, evil spells, and vicious monsters. And the librarians are not just there to check out books, but also to make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands. What magical things are happening at your local library?
We want our children to learn to read and we want them to love doing it. To do this we need to lay a foundation on which they can build upon. Your child needs to take something away from the story, meaning make it relevant. The surface of a story entertains young readers and the depth submerges them into their own experiences and backgrounds. Here is where they learn about themselves through connecting with the story. 
Quite simply, an early chapter book needs to encompass what holds a child’s attention. Stories filled with imaginative plots, unforgettable characters, action-packed scenes, and wholesomeness. And of course, it must not be too easy nor difficult to read. As both a parent and writer, these are key components in crafting my stories.