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By Library Romp - 12:52 PM

As a writer of early chapter reads, I love going to the bookstore and purchasing other books in my genre. It’s an effort to support my fellow writers and out of curiosity to see how others tell stories.
 So last weekend @ Barnes & Noble I picked up a haul of books. Thursday came and I decided to dive into the Magical Land of Birthdays. Yes, I was drawn in by the rainbow cake and the hundreds and thousands on the cover. (Hundreds and thousands is what the author calls sprinkles.) The all familiar favorite additive to any kid’s birthday.

And before I began reading, I had an idea?  A trip to the pantry confirmed we had a box of vanilla cake mix and frosting, but no sprinkles. I ran to HEB and procured this necessity for a magical cake. The rest of this story went as expected. I couldn’t think of a better way than to submerge my sense of taste into this story.

In my defense of being too childish, this is called writers research. No seriously, I've always brought in book activities, more so when my girl was younger. In fact, I  did this very same thing in graduate school. Of course, these book modules were for teachers, but it’s still along the same lines.  If you’d like to check these modules out, help yourself.
 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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