Not Just A New Car

By Library Romp - 1:15 PM

I haven’t driven a new vehicle in over 20 years. So why’s this a big deal? My youngest son has left for college, making it three kids out of the nest. I’m down to the caboose child. She’s in 7th grade, so thankfully the nest is not completely empty.
So, last weekend we set out to buy a new car, not a suv. Mind you, I’ve been driving gas guzzling tanks for as long as I can remember. The idea of a car was foreign, out of my comfort zone. Not wanting to accept my nest is emptying and life was changing. More difficult, as I’ve always been a stay at home. ~ I’m still home, but as a writer.
I no longer need the extra rows for hauling 4 kids to and from school, evening practices, games, team dinners, doctor appointments, and the numerous trips to HEB.
So I did it, well actually my husband did. I’m the proud owner of a new Honda Accord with all the bells and whistles. A wonderful husband wanting me to have something nice, perhaps a rite of passage taking me into the next stage of my life.

Call it coincidence, what led us down the car path was my Tahoe breaking down. We limped it to the repair shop and learned it needed a new transmission. It was old and not worth fixing, so began my transition or transformation. Not sure which word works best here?
Not going to lie, seeing moms buzzing around town in their suvs full of kids and backpacks makes me a bit nostalgic. But until I have grandchildren, I’ll embrace the car life. Not sure what’s next, as things are changing faster than I like? But for today, I’ll pick up my daughter with the sunroof open blaring a rendition of Gun’s N’ Roses. She's gonna love the new shades. ;-) Yes, I just discovered Sirus radio and what fun this is.  

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