The Writing Entrepreneur

By Library Romp - 1:34 PM

Entrepreneurship is either in you or it's not. Turning hard work into a lucrative business has many layers. Most don't know where or how to start, some get lost somewhere in the middle, and some get to the end and they are no better than where they started. 
For me, this has been trial and error. After starting Empire Salsa, I quickly learned the ends and outs of product distribution. And that one needed deep pockets to compete in the big leagues. -  I fell in to the later category. I rode the success wave in the middle, but in the end had to throw in the towel.  But everything happens for a reason and the purpose of this failure was to learn from my mistakes. I would not have the knowledge now, if it weren't for that experience. 
After unearthing my god given talent, I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing. Writing for children. I have the writing part down and have learned to network and recognize my weaknesses. I think perseverance is the key to being an entrepreneur and being able to brush things off, get back up, and crush it. 

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