Word Press BreakUp

By Library Romp - 6:34 AM

Thought it fitting to spend this chilly day giving reason to why I’m breaking up with Word Press. What was I thinking?  I went against my gut feeling and bought into the advice of you need to move over to WordPress. “It’s what all the serious bloggers use.” they said.  “It’ll give you all the latest plug-ins.” they said.

I love writing for children and don’t have time to spend figuring out the Word Press platform.  Or the money to pour into the latest gadget &widgets.

Why I like Blogger.  

 ·   You are calm and collected.
 ·   You are easy to use, in the good way.
 ·   You give me time to write.
 ·   You don't cost me a dime.
So I'm back on Blogger? I promise to never leave you again.

Why I don't like WordPress.

·      You are not user friendly and don’t work well with others.
·   You don't communicate with me. There's no support in this relationship.
·   You don't give me time to write, your too needy.
·   You cost too much money and there's nothing given in return. Except a headache.

I’m sorry Word Press, it’s over. I’m leaving you and going back to my ex.
P.S. Happy 1 month anniversary though! 

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