Summer Kick Off

By Library Romp - 3:32 PM

Summer is here and living on a Texas beach means a few big storms, swarms of mosquitoes, and the start of 100 degree weather. It's also when the house noise is at its peak. And I couldn't be happier. No, not the pitter patter of tiny feet. More like college kids, high school teens, and a fourth grader. So begins the never-ending laundry, late night gaming, loud sleepovers, little regard for bedtime or for what's on the next day's schedule. And for the not so great, disappearing groceries.
For my kids, I want summer to feel like summer, for them to be free of expectations, free to play, learn something new, and just breath. - Especially the teens.   
How we are kicking off our summer!
Summer reading in the swing!
Get your readers signed up for the summer reading program @ your local library.
 Off to Sea Camp
The youngest is going to explore Goose Island.

Returning From Sea Camp
Notice it's not the same boat. Their boat ran aground on an oyster reef and 20 children, including mine had to be rescued by fisherman. That moment when you get a call telling you your child is adrift in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, she is made it home safe.  What an adventure!
 Eno Time
Chilling in Wonderland. That's what I call the tropical forest we live in. But it feels like a greenhouse. Hot and sticky.
And we have bananas!
I've been warned these bring banana spiders. I have not seen any yet. What does a banana spider look like anyway?
Dog days of summer
Kobe enjoying the afternoon. Bet you can't guess what kind of dog he is?
And Lastly,
Where's The Book?
Don't you love the lighthouse library?
This is where Pixie discovers the magic!
In the middle of all my Wonderland chaos, I'm debuting the release of Pixie And The Green Book MysteryAn illustrated early chapter book that they will love reading.

And yes, I'm still working on the next - The Purple Mystery. It does take more than one book to make a series, doesn't it?

For you foodies out there, don't forget to check out my Fourth of July cookbook.

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