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I know it’s been way too long ;-\ How can I even call myself a blogger if I don’t blog? I can’t. My apologies as I’ve been obsessed with Crossy Roads.  Why do we find joy earning blocky animals just so they can become squished by traffic? Curse the indie company for bringing us this endless game.  And what's a Hipster Whale anyway?
I’m hoping your Christmas and New Year’s was as terrific as ours.  The kids are nun-thrilled about the return of school, and nor is mom.  I don’t know what I was thinking taking a long term sub position at my daughter’s school before Christmas break. I loved my first graders, but there was zero time for anything else.  I didn’t even have time to prepare for my college boy coming home. But there was a bright side. If you buy a real Christmas tree a week before, then it’s not gonna cost you the usual 100 bucks.   Please don’t fret if you didn’t receive a card from the Robinson’s this year. I had it almost done, Mad Libs style, very clever, just couldn’t get the finishing touches on it. And I tend to be a perfectionist. At least our thank you cards came out amazing thanks to my crafting daughter.  
Thanks Santa for the new Cricket ;-)

I really thank you for all the nice words and support you have given me since this blog began a few years ago.  It has been quite the journey and I proud to say it has paid off. Look below and you'll see what I mean.
Pixie And The Green Book Mystery
The cover is being revised and still adding sketches.
What I’m going to tell you is totally true. When your scroll down you’re going to ask where are the book reviews and comments? Yes we remained avid readers, but our romping did cease this holiday season. But not by choice of course.  Our local library had a water main break and suffered major damage. The books were okay, but the computers, periodicals, movies, and other things were ruined beyond repair. They closed the doors for over a month and only towards the end did they open the back door for dropping off and picking up books. My kids thought it was kind of shady using the back door to pick up book packages I don’t think anyone knew they could do that. Yep, that's their story. But I'm not buying it.  There is danger afoot and the life of paper books is being threatened. I bet you didn’t even know this fact. Pixie, the little girl in my story, hence Little Reader has seen unusual things happening at the library.  Yes, books are coming to life.

If you want to read more about the library water "story" their tellin' click here. But we know the Book Guardian was behind it. Don't worry, you will find out more about this evil book destroyer real soon.  Pixie's mystery is getting closer to the release date. No, the release date has not been released.
So what’s the future look like for Library Romp Dot Com?  It’s a New Year and the library stories are going to unfold in Pixie’s stories.  Don’t think of it as this blog going away, but a move forward to the better.  Besides aren’t you tired of the every couple month’s posts? You will see me, Pixie, and more library romp stories under the new page.  I promise…

On a non-related totally random note. Have you heard of a barndominium?  We are going to be moving to a beautiful coastal town not too far down the road. I can’t think of a better type of custom built home than this. Now I’ve gotta find someone in the area that does these.  Still curious, what’s a barndominium?
Even if you remain physically in one spot,
you are always moving in and out of places in your heart.
- Spencer Johnson -

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