Why do I Write?

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Woohoo!  Summer's almost here.  This means enjoying the library reading program, beaching it, camp for the kids, and packing my senior for college :_(  I'm excited to announce he made the Blinn basketball team, so will continue doing what he loves most. Basketball.  So with a middle school basketball player and now a college ball player it looks like where gonna be busy next year.  The college is 3 1/2 hrs away so that won't be too long of a drive...

What's your library doing this summer? 
                                                          Fizz Boom Read!

I'm still moving along slowly with my first book, but planning it to be done this summer.  My Pixie is on her first library adventure, the books are coming to life like never before.  Pixie, a second grader is a lot like my little girl.   This is where my inspiration came from.  What inspires you when you write?  
People often ask me, what's the best thing about being a writer?  And I tell them because all the children look up to me literally.  No just kidding, here's what I got!  Feel free to send me your thoughts, via one of the social networks. 
I make something out of nothing.
Working for the other man, or women entails executing a task according to their instructions. I'm in no way putting this down, but my mind isn't one that would do this well.  (And thank goodness for those people out there that do.)
Just picture yourself at your laptop with nothing but your imagination.  And then you start producing something real from nothing.   Then the ideas and words just keep flowing, and the next thing you know you have become part of the story.  
And then your little one reads what you wrote over your shoulder and wants to know more.   That's when I know I'm doing something right.  This is what I love most. 
No, I don't write in my pajamas.
Being one's own boss it's your prerogative to dress as you please. I admit though, I'm not one of those that rolls out of bed, puts on the slippers, turns on the Keurig, and off to the computer I go.  I do what most moms do. Get self ready, make  lunches, wake up four sleeping kids, cook breakfast, try waking up kids again, feed dog, get the littlest one ready, threaten teens to get out of bed, and eventually run the morning taxi service to three different schools.  And now that it's only 8:00 it's time to get to the computer and start writing.  Occasionally, I'll sneak in a thirty minute to an hour rest.  But that's not in my pajamas, or in bed for that matter.  
No one tells me what to write.
You do things that interest you right?  It's the same with writing.  I get to write about whatever I want and take it wherever I want.  Going through college writing courses I wrote mostly teacher directed stories with few following my own course.  But now I can visit an underwater world, climb the highest mountain, and jump off using my jet pack all in a day.  Where else can I do all this?  In my world it's wonderful to have complete control over what and when I work.  Yes, I'm truly Blessed and couldn't stress enough the importance of having a career  that you are passionate about. 
Little Reader Romps
Naamah And The Ark At Night
By Bartoletti, Susan Campbell
I especially like how the author made Noah's wife, Naamah the star here.  This poetic picture book retells the Biblical tale of Noah's Ark beautifully showing Naamah fulfilling her role as a helpful wife and loving mother.  It's unique and soothing illustrations makes this a top "sleepy time read."
Clarice Bean Spells Trouble
By Child, Lauren
We're not done with this one yet , but so far find it to be an adorable conglomeration of the Ramona books and Charlie and Lola.  (Our favorite British characters.)  You'll quickly fall for Clarice Bean.  No she cannot spell, but she has a determined spirit and will do anything for her friends.  The writing does not feel pushed, but rather fun and carefree.  A great transition chapter book. 
The Emperor's New Clothes
By Davidson, Susanna
A comical tale depicting an Emperor needing a new splendid outfit for the royal procession.  He will do anything it takes to have something specially made, and  he finds the best clothes maker in town to do so.   Little does he know that he's being swindled down to his bare nakedness.  Adorably creative quirky old-aged tale. 
The English Roses
By Madonna

If I would have realized this was  written by Madonna, it would have stayed on the shelf. But not until after deeming it a good book did I see this. I far more enjoy her as a writer than a pop star.  And It's not even about flowers.  Here four best friends are jealous of a beautiful girl named Binah.  But with the help of a fairy godmother they learn to appreciate their lives a little more and become less judgmental of others.  It's not just about being beautiful on the outside, but being beautiful on the inside.  Surprisingly charming. 
Lana Ladybug's Garden Party
By Tollefson, Carolyn Cirullo
Lana Ladybug is getting ready to host a garden party.  She begins tiny preparations like setting up mushroom tables and pea chairs, and making colorful flower arrangements.  Oh, and she doesn't leave out her mouse friend, and provides him with a wedge of cheese.  And it's a good thing the mouse shows up.  Praying mantises don't make good party guests.  I found it read a bit choppy and compare it to a first grade take home reader.  The idea was cute but writing didn't deliver for me.  Although, my Little Reader loved the story and read through it twice. 
Remember on a previous post I told you we ordered praying mantises.  I did not realize what we were getting into. I thought we should order numerous egg casings so we could have more than one baby mantis  That was not the case.  Apparently these little eggs hatch up to hundreds of baby mantises.  We had three!  We were not expecting to become parents of a thousand mantises, and they were not the cutest bugs either.  These squirmy little things looked like worms hatching from an extra-terrestrial pod.  And then tuned into what you would want an exterminator to take care of.  All this to say, we let them go.  We have now done every mail order animal there is, except for jellyfish.  I bet you didn't even know you could order that right!  
Here's the first one starting to hatch!
The Cheshire Cat
By Deedy, Carmen Agra
He was the best of Toms, he was the worst of Toms.  Let me share with you a big cat secret.  (He doesn't eat mice and loves cheese.)  But can he fool Mr. Dickens by  pretending to catch the same mouse over and over again? Not telling...  You'll enjoy  reading about the mice society and the worlds' best cheese.  It's smooth writing and pencil drawings came together wonderfully bringing the characters to life.   

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