Salt Life or Salt Lick?

By Library Romp - 9:34 PM

“You must go to the beach all the time?”  A frequent question of my land locked friends. The answer, surprisingly no!   The sand, sticky air, and scorching temps do get old.  Ever since we moved here it feels like a constant vacation, this being a big plus.  But am I growing tired of the beach enough to make us want to move somewhere else?  Not sure if I can answer that yet.   And what about the hill country, where our family lives?  That’s where were from anyway.  Austin - we miss the hills, Salt Lick Barbecue, and the live music venues.  The closest thing we have to hills, are the sand dunes, most of the restaurants down here serve barbacoa, and the music scene is ten years behind the times.  I’m thinking SIRIUS Satellite radio could at least fix this one.  And where’s my water?  - Sorry Mickey, I'm not talking bout your game, even though we do love it!  There’s just not enough water in the Texas hill country.  The rivers are either low or without water, and when you do find a Blue Hole so has everyone else.    At least the beach doesn’t suffer from water shortage.

I have always longed to live in John Denver country.  I remember playing his songs on the 8 track, and did see him sing a few concerts.  Colorado Rocky Mountain High, who wouldn’t want to live on a snow covered mountain?  But still, Colorado is no Texas!   

Who knows what the future will bring, or what I will bring to the future?  It’s important to find happiness wherever you are, even when you’re stuck in a ferry line behind beach flocking tourists. That’s why we travel north when the rest of Texas comes south.  In fact we spent the Fourth of July in Wimberley Texas, an old fashion American celebration.  Just like it should be ;-) 

In between riding the VBS Colossal Coaster last week, hooking up the teenager with his first car, I also completed another book, or so I thought.  Got ready to publish it, had the cover re-designed again, and something told me it wasn’t as good as it could be.  So back to the drawing board until I get it just right!   But on a positive book note: My Fourth of July EBook has done well considering it was published on July 4th, not before like I hoped.  And for my Pinterest peeps, here are my latest projects.
Scrap book papers, push pins with rhinestones, summer fun stickers from Michaels, and  family pics via Snapfish.   All this went on a bulletin board, and there you have it. 
Find red & black cupcake liners, turn them inside-out, and push them into a foam wreath with long stick pins. (Two packages of cupcake liners are enough.) Then hot glue lady bug buttons on it and use an adorable ribbon to hang.  It’s that simple!

Random Note:  The upcoming school year is right around the corner? Just check out your local Wal-Mart, the shelves are crammed with school supplies.  But don’t they usually put out seasonal items way before the season?  I’d bet the bats and witches will hit the shelves next month.  

And as for this upcoming year, it’s gonna be emotional.  Bittersweet with a high school senior, a middle child starting junior high, and a first grader starting yet another new school.  And thanks to being let go at the private school, the youngest is making a shift to public school.  UGH…   Some of you might be asking when my letting go session with Dr. Phil begins. 

Think I’ll go to the bird park, put my chair in the sand, soak in the beauty of the waves, read my latest Kindle download, Descendent, and leave a message in the sand.  I’ve found this to be my escape, my sanctuary, the place to go when I need to figure things out, or grab a little me time.  And have I got it all figured out yet? Nope, still searching for the questions. 
And why is it when you have a stick in the hand and sand at your feet do we feel compelled to write SOS?  What exactly are we trying to save?   Is this a call for help to the one above, letting some unknown person know we are lost, or simply just a cliché?  Little Reader’s answer, “Birds read the messages and take them to those in the sky or sometimes the ocean.  Or the pretend that sometimes Sandy Cheeks comes to land, reads it, and goes to tell Sponge Bob in Bikini Bottom.” Very intuitive!

A Few hours later…  
I’m a bit burned and sandy, but did leave my mark in the sand. 

Chillin’ Summer Reads
I Am Not a Copycat!
By Bonwill, Ann
Some would say imitation is the best type of flattery.  But here Hugo the Hippo doesn’t think so, as Bella Bird does exactly what he does.  Can they pull off being unique together, maybe?  Super cute read that early readers can get through on their own.
My Teacher’s Secret Life
By Krensky, Stephen
Do teacher’s really live at school?  Well Mrs. Quirk does, along with the entire school faculty.  A delightful zany story capturing how children feel when seeing their teacher out of school.  If it’s not awkward enough seeing your teacher at the grocery store, what about seeing them trying on roller blades at the mall. Don’t’ you just love a child’s curious mind and seeing where their imagination takes them?  Me to ;-)
I’m Not a Baby!
By Mc Elmurry, Jill
A clever Victorian picture book mixed with modern element.  The storyline being no matter how old you get, you are always going to be a baby to your parents, but on a rather odd note.  If you like books that are a little off, then you’ll really get into this one.   Little Reader giggled on each page turn seeing the boy aging, while still wearing baby clothes. 
Drop Everything, It’s D.E.A.R. Time
By McGovern, Ann
Like I need to be pumped about books ;-) Love how this one not only shows everyone stopping what their doing to read books, but also the really cool things that go on in school.  Though “Little Reader” was quick to point out this school was more fun than hers, especially the cooking classes.   Important message shown, as the school falls silent for D. E. A. R.  In case you didn’t know, it’s Drop Everything And Read.  We have B.E.A.R. where my youngest cuddles up and reads with the giant Mr. Bear.
Be Excited About Reading!
Millie Waits for the Mail
By Steffensmeier, Alexander
Mille the cow is like no other.   In fact this particular cow lives to scare the dickens out the mailman.  And she must be stopped!  A laugh out loud with a funny twist, that Little Reader has already read through many times.  This read would have gone passed its due date, but I found the online book renewal link, so no more late fees.  That’s not entirely true, it can be tedious keeping track of 30 + library books at a time, and lets not bring movies into the equation. 
Help Me, Mr. Mutt!
By Stevens, Janet
Meet Mr. Mutt, the canine counselor that advices other dogs on their people problems.  You know, when humans yell not bark, make them sleep on the floor, and don’t play with them regularly.  And although Mr. Mutt’s advice might be entertaining, it often ends up causing more problems.  Cleverly written through a series of letters, kind of like a Dear Abby for dogs.   A fun, engaging, colorful read, even so for a non animal enthusiast.  
Come To The Fairies Ball
By Yolen, Jane

An imagination packed story with gnomes, goblins, and dwarfs.  All fairytale princesses will adore this magical story of a ball, a long lost fairy, and of course Prince Charming.  The detailed pictures kept the conversation going on this read.   

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