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With the bunny peeping around the corner we are hopping off to the hill country.  A weekend of hiking, cooking via http://blog.madhungry.com/2012/04/recipes-from-todays-show-easter-feast.html, Easter bunny festivities, church, and of course the reads.  And needing to fill our book bag for the trip we romped today, only 30 items.  - I’m in my happy place, but the teenagers think I’m nuts.  Does picking up your kindergartener early from school to romp the library count as an excused absence? We had things of great importance to do.  A beautiful dragonfly visitor to greet, romp, water the fruits and veggies, make a rice crispy treat egg garden, and last  fill a bathtub with bubbles and 100 plastic eggs.  The egg wash for Little Reader, not I. Well maybe with a glass of Merlot, bringing a whole new meaning to Calgon Take Me Away, right?   But if I’m found in this condition, the family may have me committed. Husband thinks the blog is making me crazy, but it’s actually keeping me sane. 
Blogger Email Response: Q) I was recently asked if reading all these books would cause Little Reader to get bored because most story plots are the same, just told differently.  A) The predictability in a book is not only by reading level, but also how the writer presents their story.  Here in lies another true writer trait.  And when Little Reader gets bored with a book, we simply move to the next.  There are many reasons why she may become disengaged, but if this becomes a pattern, we’ll move  to a more advanced level or something that’s in alignment with her reading growth and interests.  Her abundance of literature experiences are great building blocks in her development, education, and not to mention making memories with mom.
In response to the teacher question, what is love?  “Love is sitting in my moms lap when she reads to me.”  Little Reader  That’s all I need right there. Awesomeness!

Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter! And remember if you start to feel blue this weekend, start breathing.
- CR

Our dragonfly visitor

Rice Crispy Egg Garden with M & M’s

Egg-cellent Romps

Bunny Days
By Nyeu, Tao

An offbeat story where six puffy bunnies get into sticky situations, but don’t worry, Bear and Mr. Goat always know what to do.  I liked how each situation was told in a separate story, and the captivating color schemes.   I call this offbeat due to the oddity of how each situation was resolved.  Putting bunnies into the washing machine and sewing cut-off tails to name a few.  Little Reader was more concerned if these things hurt the bunnies, and in the end decided they were better off dirty.    

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs
By Stoeke, Janet Morgan

Minerva Louise is one confused chicken and takes things literally. She’s very concerned about the colorful eggs showing up in odd places on the farm, and even one of the eggs is so cold it’s turned blue.  The obvious of what’s really going on will crack you up.  Charming, sweet, and luckily there are more stories of this absent minded fowl. 
Don't miss these other wacky adventures of Minerva Louise.

Minerva Louise
Get to know the simple-minded hen, Minerva Louise in this original. And follow her as she investigates the sweet home next to her coop.
Minerva Louise and the Red Truck
What happens to Minerva Louise when she goes to play in her favorite red truck?  She finds lots of "toys" (tools!)

Minerva Louise at the Fair
Best of them all!  When Minerva Louise sees the fireworks from afar, she scampers off to find some local fair fun. 

Quiet Bunny
By Lisa Mc Cue

What sounds do bunnies make?  Romp the forest with Quiet Bunny on his quest to find out.  Sweet, full of onomatopoeias, and makes the point that everyone’s unique in their own way, and how music comes in all forms. 
“Thump, Thump just say it already!”  - Little Reader Her repeating comments made me think there was a tad too much repetition in getting to the end. 

What's In The Bag
Betty Bunny Wants Everything
By Kaplan, Michael B

Inside the Tortoise Shell
By Mondy, H. Carter

Nibbles O’Hare
By Paraskevas, Betty

Mouse’s First Spring
By Thompson, Lauren

Happy Easter, Davy!
By Weninger, Brigette

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