Keeping up with yesterdays romps

By Library Romp - 8:20 AM

It’s been a while.  There’s something that’s kept me away.  It’s life with four kids!  By the time I finish running about, shop for the mad hungry, romp, etc... I just can’t seem to find blog time.   And really who’s reading this anyway? Well for those that are, I responded and set up a facebook page, but still not technically savvy.  Did I mention our family has managed to wash four cell phones, so now I’m using one without all the bells and whistles, and honestly quite fine with it!  It seriously takes me 5 to 10 minutes to send a text.  I’m kinda old school like that and see how mass technology can be a disservice in some aspects.  Does your teenager ever use the house phone, do they even know what a card catalogue is? My guess is not. All this to say I have a new story idea, and yes it’s sort of related to this techy thing.  In fact, so does our first romp.   

So a quick recap, I’m going to blog more often and write more. I will not procrastinate anymore, honestly, I’ll start tomorrow ;)

It's a book  
By Smith, Lane

This humorous picture book is mostly for older children and adults.  It’s a clever contrast between books and technology, and be warned, the word “jackass” is used in the story. My older readers found this to be hysterically funny, but luckily the Little Reader can’t read yet. So I was able to insert a more appropriate word…

By Sierra, Judy

This book literary flew off the shelf and landed on our book pile.  No seriously the book end was tired I suppose.  After the read, the question of what zoo animals do in bad weather was answered. Put on a musical zoozical of course!  "I like the poppy pictures and silly animals." - Little Reader
Having acquired a surplus of animal crackers at SAM’s Club, she is now ready to put on a zoozical after school today!

The Tallest of Smalls
By Lucado, Max

There’s a village where some walk on stilts and look down on those they consider not cool.  But what is better than being big in the crowd’s eyes? One little boy learns how feeling big in God’s eyes is better and more important.  A little above Little Reader’s level, but a wonderful message and captivating illustrations kept her engaged and asking questions.  Now where to get stilts for her upcoming birthday?   

Nini Here and There
By Lobel, Anita

Clearly written by a cat owner. Nini the cat sees her family packing for a move and is afraid of being left behind.  But not to worry, she’s tucked away and taken to her new home. I liked its simplicity, and I drew Little Reader into making predictions of what was going to happen to Nini along the way.   We are working on the skill of being able to retell a story, and for a kindergartener this is harder than would seem.  Five stars for the adorable cat and comprehension activity opportunities. 
Writing update: I have begun to put follow-up learning extensions into my stories.  It’s about embracing a story to its fullest. 

Inch By Inch
By Lionni, Leo

It’s fun, creative, and even the smallest animals can do things the bigger ones can not.  So how does a green inchworm save himself from being eaten by a nightingale?   Spoiler Alert: By measuring the bird’s song until it quickly inches out of sight.  A great beginning reader filled with different types of birds, and what a fun way to introduce measurement.  Little Reader spent the rest of the afternoon riding her inchworm down the driveway and then measured plants in her garden with her inchworm she named Suzi -  a piece of green yarn.

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