Turkey Talk

By Library Romp - 7:26 AM

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of wonderful!  We are back from the hills and thought this would be a good time to talk turkey and answer questions. 

#1. Yes, I always parallel books to what is going on in our lives. (Everything becomes a readable moment at our house.) And yes, I'm still sticking to my methodical system as well. We are in the G section and I’m putting holds on relevant reads including gingerbread men, candy canes, red books, and Christmas frogs.

#2.  Apparently librarians also do this. A vacation isn’t a vacation until you’ve paid a visit to the local library.  Before going anywhere, I love to check out the library website and plan an excursion. 
Look what we found romping the Wimberley Library
The Runaway Pumpkin
By Lewis, Kevin

With animated rhyme and super illustrations, a gigantic pumpkin comes to life.  After the children accidently send the pumkin rolling down the hill, how will they stop it and turn it into a meal?   This one’s on its way to being a part of our home library. 
Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins
By Ochiltree, Dianne

Another rhyming runaway pumpkin story, although not as good as the previous one.  When Sam learns that too many pumpkins makes for wagon trouble hill, he has to save them rolling down the hill. 
“Can we read the other pumpkin story now?” - Little Reader   Nuff said!

These reads fit with our “chunkin of the punkins.”  What a better way to end Thanksgiving and dispose gourds by shoot’n and then chunk’n them down the hill. 

Everybody Needs a Rock   
By Baylor, Byrd

I’m so thankful for my hill-country friends.  Rocks are some of my favorite people. Everybody needs to have a rock friend, and who’s a better person to give you the 10 rules for finding your own rock, than a girl living in the desert. It’s about simplicity and taking a look at what brings enjoyment.  Sure your kids have tricycles, dolls, blocks, and those electronic gadgets, but it’s high time they make friends with rocks.  

This read fit with our buildin’ of cairns. What’s that?  Simply a pile of stones built as a monument or landmark." A monument to what and a landmark to where you ask?  The answers to these questions tends to promote only more questions.  So have fun coming to your own conclusions.

#3. After returning home, we were glad to see One Guy & Dominos had not turned into froglets yet.  Little Reader got a book today to read to them.

Froggy’s Best Christmas by Jonathan London

#4.  And last, the library allows me to surround myself with things I love, (books) and the teacher in me is always looking for ways to extend these into hands-on experiences.  From food to crafts, and now becoming an Amazon junkie.  I love adding our favorite library books to the home library and other fun educational things toys. 

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