Eggcellent Romps

By Library Romp - 9:40 AM

Tillie Lays An Egg
By Golson, Terry Blonder

Tillie is unlike the other six chickens on her farm.  She doesn’t lay eggs in the nesting box like the others, but instead wanders the farm and lays them in unusual spots. The photography and light text makes this modern farm tale a top read.  Favorite part was spotting Tillie’s egg in each setting.  “That silly chicken keeps loosing her eggs!” – Little Reader

Little Pond Farm really does exist. See what the hens are up to today!

Hank Finds Inspiration
By Frazier, Craig

An abstract story about a snake who visits the big city looking for inspiration. Hank the snake inquires many people where they get theirs, and eventually finds his is close to his own twisty shape.  Delightful illustrations throughout, but the ending wasn’t all that great. 

The Most Perfect Spot
By Goode, Diane

A sweet charming story told in an older time setting.  A little boy and his mother search for “just the perfect spot” for a picnic. After persevering mishaps of galloping horses to rain showers, they finally find it back at their apartment.  There is a surprise with this new Spot! 
Heartwarming illustrations, flowing words, and depicting how to keep a positive attitude makes this a five star read.  – Another defined writer

The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster: A Tale of Picky Eating
By Flaherty, Alice

A funny explanation of how the Loch Ness Monster came to be.  A girl traveling to Scotland does not like oatmeal, and so she throws it out the window of the boat every morning. Nessie, a little baby sea monster eats all the tossed out oatmeal and gets bigger and bigger, and viola the Loch Ness monster is born.  A little long, but great for the picky and not so picky eater in all of us.
"Do giggly oatmeal monsters live at our beach?" - Little reader

Meerkat Mail
By Gravett, Emily

When Sunny the meerkat decides it's too hot in the Kalahari Desert he decides to pack up and go visit relatives.  But nothing seems quite right, and soon realizes there’s no place like home.  The engaging hook is that it’s told through a series of postcards that you flip open to read. 

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