That’s A Wrap!

By Library Romp - 12:50 PM

Lunch Wrap - Flat bread pocket stuffed with ham, cheese, and veggies to be exact.

C Wrap - Besides the few previous book posts, a sprinkle of Eric Carle, and these hilarious Christmas parodies, not wowed with the C romp reads.

Redneck Night Before Christmas
By David Davis

This whimsical version of the Night Before Christmas is full of redneck lingo and clever illustrations.  Would this amusing 1997 NRA Santa story be published in today’s current children’s market? Um, No ….

Very clever and looking for more titles like this. - Great words David Davis.

Librarian's Night Before Christmas

As a library romp girl, I thoroughly enjoyed the funny references and comical pictures.  What librarian wouldn’t want Santa and the library elves to bring much needed gifts to the library?  

- Lots of little critic giggles!

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