Cool B Reads

By Library Romp - 3:15 PM

I’ve been enjoying the cool Port A waves and catching up on my reads. No, Tropical Storm Don didn’t bring rain, but did bring huge fish into the surf.  Today I’ll put down the fishing pole and get ready to romp the C authors. 

These five star books come highly recommended from the little critic -  
"Cool reads"

Panda and Polar Bear
By Baek, Matthew

A heartwarming adventure of two very different bears discovering friendship.   Surprise ending - They are in a zoo. A book you can read time and time again…

Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff
By Burell, Sarah

I’m kinda partial to Texas tales, being that I’m a pure Texan lady myself.  In fact I’m lookin’ for a place like Dustpan to hang my hat.   The zany rattler, town sheriff, and Idie May will have you chuckling the whole way through.  A higher word count, like I like and full of flavor.  

By Broach, Elise

One hot dog cruises the neighborhood looking for a place to cool down.  Of course everywhere he goes elicits, “wet dog!” Rhyme and rhythm style is similar to my writing. Beautifully illustrated and the love of dogs is apparent in this story.

Honey… Honey… Lion!
By Brett, Jan

The honey guide is a charming folktale.   In this African story, the bird tricks the badger to teach him a lesson in sharing.  Nicely illustrated and uniquely written. Very good, but not great!

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