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Coraline Grace has always known where to find magic. As a child, she discovered libraries are secret portals to enchanted worlds. From stories like, Alice In Wonderland, The Never Ending Story, and The Boxcar Children to name a few. Her book adventures and experiences shaped her in to who she is today. A library romping mom, author, book speaker. Read  more @ About Me 

What you need to know about
Pixie And The Green Book Mystery...
·        It's the first out of five episodes. The Purple Mystery is coming Christmas 2018.
·        The color green in this mystery shows Pixie's strength and persistence. It also brings a revitalizing feel throughout  the story.

·        There is an infusion of Japanese references and pictures. This way of storytelling captures deeper emotions and stretches the imagination.
·        Parents need not to worry as there are no agendas here pushing the boundaries of what's culturally acceptable. In short, this story is reflective of  conservative virtues and values.

Available on Amazon, EBook or Hard Copy.

Pixie's school day is an apple disaster, but a trip to the library changes everything. When Pixie happens upon a mysterious green book at her library, she discovers the fairytales have come to life out of their books. But danger is lurking. And it's up to this book loving hero to save them from the evil Book Guardian. Can she get them safely back in their books before it's too late? Or will the world of fairytales come to an end? - The clock is ticking. Tick! Tock!

Follow Pixie as she embarks on a jumbled-up fantastical quest to save library books.