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Friday, July 12, 2019

The NeverEnding Story (Dustin + Suzie) (Stranger Things S03E08)

As a young girl, I discovered The NeverEnding Story at my local library.  Here, I found hope from a boy about my age hiding in a bookstore. If Bastian could work through his issues and transform by becoming a part of a story, then so could I.  Yes, The Neverending Story gave me hope and courage in the facing the impossible odds. Odds being: I was diagnosed with dyslexia, held back in fourth grade, and lost my father to cancer. After reading the book, watching the movie, I loved it even more.
I’m a huge Stranger Things fan and this is absolutely the best part of the entire season…


NOBODY said...

I wonder if you would share the name of your agent. I am also a Conservative. I am finishing a book and fear it will have less chances of being published if I don't find a more friendly agent. Can you help me?

Library Romp said...

Congrats on finishing your book. That is an amazing accomplishment.

To answer your question,I'm not currently tied to a publisher or agent. I chose to self-publish, as I'm building a brand. I quickly learned the bigger publishers and agents are looking for multicultural based stories.

I prefer to work and market myself conservatively. This does take time and money, but over time it will pay off. I can give you advice on how I'm maneuvering through the self-publishing world. But, I'm still learning as well.

Best of luck,

~ C.G.