Getting The Word Out

By Library Romp - 10:26 AM

           Had a great time at Word Fest. I had my first author event at TAMUCC. It was nice being back on campus, as it's been over 6 years since I went back for my Masters. But how cool it was to be a guest of honor, not the mom running late to class and the never ending parking space wars. (They now have garage parking.) What a lovely feast and time spent mingling with other writers, entrepreneurs, and professors.
            It's hard connecting with people like me. Being on the social side of a writer's life is something I’ll have to get used. Meaning stepping out of my solitary cove. I've got the writing part down and love my quiet life. The social aspect of getting my work out there to potential buyers is something I'm working on. I mean my books aren't just going to fall in the laps of readers. Is there some big secret, something I don't know? This is a lonely journey, as I'm figuring it out as I go along. Still waiting on my marketing fairies to arrive. 
        They say the reason most people fail is fear and self-doubt. I don't see this on my journey. For me, it's not knowing what to do next. And modeling others success doesn't always work, as everyone's journey is different.  It's finding the one piece that causes everything to fall in place. Or perhaps it finds us? So I’ll have a cup of crock-pot hot chocolate and ponder this more…
( I've linked the recipe we use.)

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