Katherine The Great White & Other Randomness

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It's Almost the Fourth of July!
 Kick it up with some lip-smacking faire...
Impress others with 4th of July facts...
I'll will be dropping a line into the Gulf of Mexico this Fourth of July. Yes, I want to catch fish, but really I'm hoping to get a glimpse of Katherine. Who's Katherine?  Only a magnificent 2,300 lb. Great White shark making her way to Texas. Surprisingly, she's not getting the publicity she deserves.  I'm admittedly a Shark Week nut.  It's 37 days 3 hours 3 minutes and 55 seconds away. One of the perks of having the ocean in our backyard is yes the dolphins, but what about our big toothed friends out there.  Hopefully we will find some shark books to sink our teeth into next week. (^^^)
And in honor of the Fourth and Katherine's expected arrival I will attempt this.  I found it on Pinterest and hope it's doesn't turn out to be a Pintrosity.     
On a Writing Note: I was going to introduce you to Pixie, but not yet.  I'll only say she's an eight year girl that finds her way into one whooper of an adventure. And would you believe it happens at the library? Books are coming to life.  And it's a good thing Pixie is the best second grade reader at Strawbridge Elementary. Why? Because there's a Book Guardian who's trying to capture characters in a glowing magic book.  And how would Alice and Wonderland and Cinderella read without it's characters?  It wouldn't.
See, I've said too much.  On my next post you will get a glimpse of Pixie.  Yes, I'm enjoying my daily writing journey.  But I never knew how long and tedious the editing process could take... My apologies, this is why my posts are far and few in between.
Chilling With These Totally Random Romps
The Year Of The Fortune Cookie
Cheng, Andrea
This is the third book in its series.  An adventure where Anna goes with her teacher to China who is adopting a baby girl.  At first, she's a little homesick but soon Anna begins discovering her past. And of course makes a new friend along the way. We are still not done reading this one, but Little Reader says it's the best chapter book she's read this summer. It goes best with Egg Drop soup according to her.  We've are now waiting for Amazon to deliver Year of the Baby and a fortune cookie jar.
Flight School
By Judge, Lita
We all know penguins can't fly. But don't tell this little penguin. He shows up to flight school in the hopes of souring high above the ground. And with the help of his friends his dream is fulfilled, just not in the way you think.  An infectious heartwarming story about not giving up on your dreams.
Chengdu Could Not, Would Not, Fall Asleep
By Saltzberg, Barney
Chengdu the panda can't sleep. While the other pandas slumber soundly Chengdu does everything he can to fall asleep.  After tossing and turning, trying different positions like hanging upside down, he finds a surprisingly perfect spot.  But oh no, now another panda is awake...  
Peggy: A Brave Chicken on A Big Adventure
By Walker, Anna
The cover is what got this off the shelf. And we loved this charming adventure about a chicken enjoying the quiet suburb life. But that changes when Peggy the chicken gets caught in a gust of wind.  The bustling city is no place for a chicken. Or is it? All in all, the humorous individual vignettes will tickle your funny bone.

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