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Our Christmas countdown has come to an end, and cold breezes are ringing in the Christmas spirit. Cold welcomed, being winter weather is something our town usually refuses to participate in.   Motivated by the beauty of snow and my favorite color, blue was the chosen color scheme for this year's Christmas.  
As for the cards we went with “Questions of Christmas”, which made it out with plenty of time to spare, two days to be exact. With Christmas pencils and test forms included.  For those who care you keep scrolling!
      Answer all the questions below correctly to win a weekend
@ the Robinson House!
1.            The Robinson’s this year have
a.   Traveled extensively to white sandy beaches, the hill country, and other undisclosed locations.
b.   Nearly made it as far as Gruene Texas.
c.    Ridden their bikes, long boards, and other wheeled toys to the bird park.
d.   Driven to the new Academy in town.
2.            Hayden, the oldest son
  a.  Is awaiting an NBA offer from the Nets.
b.  Wants to be either a Red Raider or an Aggie next year.
c.  Has changed his fantasy football team multiple times in hopes of a Super Bowl.
d.  Impressed the court system with his dedication to exploring the speed limits.
3.            Sarah, the oldest daughter has
a. Done wonderfully cheering on her school’s team sports.
b. Discovered how to mess up an entire room in only three seconds.
c.  Made a name for herself in Follies and will perform a record mime on Broadway. 
d.  Celebrating her Sweet Sixteen by going to Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ.
4.            Connor, the seventh grader has
  a.  Shown a devotion to basketball making the GP A Team.
b.  Been pushed blinking into sunlight for early basketball tournaments.
c. Grown as tall as Michael Jordan.
d. Become a street luge expert on the biggest hill in town.   
5.            The youngest, Rachel is
a.   In first grade and receiving letters of interest from Harvard to play on the chess team.
b.   A Noble Peace Prize Nominee for reading every children’s book at her local library. 
c.    Loves fashion and working on a new line of trendy threads for first graders like herself.
d.   On a garden fairy mission in hopes of finding proof that fairies are real.
6.            Mike the father of the family, has
a.    Continued working hard for Nueces County to support his expensive family.
b.    Turned down an NBA coaching offer to stay close to family.
c.    The record biggest fish caught this year, a 12 foot shark.
d.    Surrendered his King to the littlest chess master Rachel.
7.         Caroline, otherwise known as the “domestic goddess” is
a. Reading the entire library with her youngest eliminating the need for bookends.
b. Running the high traffic Library Romp blog site and publishing her EBooks.
c.  Hosting seminars on how to take the best selfies.
d. Following Glen Beck, Phil Robertson, and basketball sensation Hayden Rawbinson on Twitter.  
8.            In our spare time, we
a. Really don’t have any spare time.
b. Sleep in the tree house.
c.   Call the maid and go to the island.
d. Like to scuba dive in the Gulf of Mexico Flower Gardens.
9.            Our house has
a. Been extensively written up in “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine.
b. Not yet fallen down.
c.  Been decorated by Martha Stewart.
d. A few good years left in it. 
10.         Our dog Heidi
a. Made her way to doggie heaven.
b. Was kicked out of every groomer here in Portland, though she didn’t mean it!
c.   Has left us with great memories and chewed up fence boards.
d. All of the above.
11.         Our hopes and wishes for the future include
a. Uninterrupted evenings.
b. Your continued friendship.
c.  For Obama to disappear and our country to get back to its roots and values.
d. A new puppy.
Peace, Prosperity, & God Bless
 The Robinson Clan
Now on to our simply grand gingerbread house. 
(Stacked bread topped w/ Ginger spice)


The first house didn't go over well so we had to make an entire    village. 

Sadly Heidi our beloved and somewhat neurotic Schnauzer passed away.  It was a rapid decline in health and she died unexpectedly.  We are not sure what happened, but now the birds have free range of the yard and are clearing out the pepper garden.  Only birds in south Texas would eat peppers?   But she will be missed and talk of a puppy is on the horizon.

On a happier note, my latest EBook, The Bliss of Blessings: How to Receive Gifts is now available for download.  Did you know planting your seeds in order to harvest more seeds becomes the blessing of food?   And it’s here, we are Blessed in ways unimaginable.  And how do we do this?  It’s done by giving to others my friends.  Let me help you set up your blessing cycle so that you can begin receiving God’s rewards.

Ah-Aah-Aah-Choo! Yes, I’ve been battling the flu for almost a week now.  And being the giving family we are, everyone's sharing in this experience.  So Christmas eve not only did we plant magic beans in hopes that magical candy canes would grow, but we left out disinfecting wipes for Santa.  I was hoping his elves would do a little tidying up, but no such luck ;-{
The Wintery Reads
The Snow Queen
By Andersen, Hans Christian
Here's a true story of adventure and friendship, that’s a condensed version of the original Snow Queen.  Kai and Gerda are best friends and will go to the end of the earth, or snowy mountains in this case to save one another.  See how Gerda breaks the Snow Queen's enchantment, and see how the ending makes it more delightful!
The movie Frozen is loosely based on this Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, so my Little Reader expected the two stories to parallel.   But because of the differences  there was little connection with this book, so we will revisit it again later.   

It wont take long, you'll know the songs by heart in no time! 

The Wooden Doll
By Bonners, Susan
When Stephanie or Stefcha, her Polish name goes to spend time with her grandparents for the first time, she finds her place by discovering a hand painted doll.  To her surprise there is a family nesting inside one another, which gives her the opportunity to bond with her grandfather.  Though a longer read, it sweetly captures the essence of a grandparents love for their grandchildren.  …Now only if I could keep my house as spic and span as this old house.   And after reading this beautifully told story, we are anxiously awaiting the library loans of Edwina Victorious and The Silver Balloon to come in! 

Radio Rescue
  By Barashe, Lynne

In today’s techno world, here’s a device that kids today couldn’t tell you about.  A great way to give kids a glimpse of the days before dial up phones, cell phones, and modern media.    Back in the 1920’s a long distance call could take hours and calling overseas didn’t happen, that is until the invention of wireless radio.   Love how it’s  based on the author’s father who became the youngest ham radio operator.  Engaging and historical details move you through the story, and not to mention the illustrations are wonderfully detailed. 
Merry Christmas To You, Blue Kangaroo!
By Chichester Clark, Emma

The whole Christmas experience is new for BLUE KANGAROO.  His owner Lily is super busy making cards, decorating, and even puts a present under the tree just for him.  But BLUE KANGAROO can’t sleep because he doesn’t have a gift for her.  But Father Christmas helps solve the problem with a stocking and a blue heart.  Love the simplicity non-commercial, sweet story that brings you to the true meaning of Christmas.  Make sure you have cookies and milk on hand for this one!  (Try adding a little blue dye to some milk)
We have not jumped onboard with the Elf on the Shelf, but thought it would be nice to have a blue kangaroo move into our Christmas tree. Each day he hops around leaving special notes and treats, but tonight we can't find him anywhere.  I hope he didn’t hitch a ride in Santa’s sleigh?

Lost Kangaroo Update:  Apparently our little blue friend ended up in the neighbor’s Christmas basket. So why not tell them politely that BLUE KANGAROO is a family friend and if they wouldn’t mind please returning him?  Well, this morning we received a plate of cookies and a thank you note.  They loved their Christmas angel cookie platter and Sparky is enjoying his new Kangaroo chew toy!  Yes, our BLUE friend has met his demise in the jaws of a Beagle pup.  But don’t fret my friends, I’m on it!  A new friend is in the making and this one will not make it to the neighbor’s house.  We are bringing the elf on the shelf thing to a new level.  When our BLUE friend arrives he will live with us year round moving from room to room ;-) 

Apple Tree Christmas By Noble, Trinka Hakes  

A descriptive wonderful Christmas story, which will have you on the edge of your seat. When a terrible blizzard destroys a farming family’s beloved apple tree, will they still have Christmas?   Don’t be scared off by the length!   Over a few sittings we were quickly drawn back into the charming life of this family from the 1800’s. 

Kenta And The Big Wave
By Ohi, Ruth
Two of my favorite things going on here.  Not only a real life story event, but it occurs in my favorite on the bucket list place to visit.  In 2011 a tsunami hit Tohoku Japan devastating many people, where sadly many lives and homes were lost.  Ohi follows along Kenta, a young survivor as he reunites with his parents and sees all that’s lost.  It all comes full circle when Kenta’s soccer ball makes it across the ocean and is later returned.  A simple, heartwarming, story of hope through disaster, which all elementary readers should experience.  Me thinks I’ll buy a copy and donate it to the school library.   That’s what I do at Christmas, give the gift of reading!  My Little Reader thinks this one is like a textbook read and she’s somewhat right!
Santa Kid
By Patterson, James
Commercialism hijacks Christmas!  Mr. Ransom the greedy boss of Exmas Express Co. buys Christmas bringing changes overnight to the North Pole.  The elves stop making toys, the doves won’t sing or fly, and the joy of Christmas is overrun by Exmas Express fleet trucks. But just when things can’t get any worse Chrissie, Santa’s daughter takes matters into her own hands and delivers presents on Christmas Eve.  Incredibly illustrated, sweet story, and love the Christian references of the town of Bethlehem and the word Holy.  Not sure why this one got so many bad remarks, it’s a sweet tale of faith and witnessing the magic of Christmas.

And for the remainder of my day, I will read up on how puppy trickery is the cause of most wars, according to Tardar Sauce aka… The Grumpy Cat.   So I’m not a cat person, but this cat brings a whole new level to being ticked off!
                       Yet another internet sensation!


I love revision.  Where else can spilled milk be turned into ice cream?
- Author Unknown, a subscriber email

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