Tortillas and Mas

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Tortillas? It’s a Texas Tech thing?  Not sure how throwing tortillas came about, but we like to stick to traditions.  Let’s just say that our University of Texas neighbors woke up to a sea of tortillas in their yard.  And anyone supporting UT or having affiliation is at risk.   The paybacks are often worse.  I’ve had to drive my kids to school in an suv decked out in burnt orange  :-( 

Let me now forward to fall scents, pumpkin lit streets, and bat filled porches.  This Halloween there will be a blue morphed tween combing the neighborhood and a mommy’s little angel not far behind.  I’m on to making an adorable and somewhat involved angel costume.  I'm not attempting the wings though, that'll have to be a purchase.  I bet this Halloween they'll be neighborhoods full of Duck Dynasty bearded kids running amuck, looking like a Cabelas.   If you haven't experienced Cabelas, you need to.   It's not just for hunters, but fun for the whole family.  You think it's too early for Halloween? Not with fall festivals, yard decking, neighborhood parties, and a costume to make.  Besides, I plan to start prepping for the Holidays early this year.  The key word here is plan, thinking it would be nice to get ahead.  And this year we are going batty again (^+.+^). 

Now that kids are back in school what are ya’ packing in their lunches?  Ever since learning about Bento’s last year, I’m still putting together these tiny food packages.  My oldest reminds me daily that his lunches in first grade looked nothing like these of his sister’s.  I think this might be a way I’m savoring time with my last little one.  And thank you Pinterest for broadening what comes out of my kitchen.  The key to school lunches around here is continuous lunch money for the teens and tiny eats in the first grader's lunch box. 

Most amazingly detailed bentos are works of art, not necessarily comprised of things our kids eat or would want to eat.   “A bento doesn’t really have to be a bento!”  Meaning, we can take this crazed Japanese food art and turn it into a delectable non-time consuming lunch.  In order to save time on rushed mornings, I have to go back to planning…  I told you, I’m really trying to stay on top of everything and not just the Holidays.  With four kids running all different directions this is an attempt at sanity.

First you need to invest in silicon cupcake liners (assorted colors make it fun, but if not, one color will get you started), sandwich containers (If you want to pack a few separate items pick up some extra small plastic lidded containers), a box of cookie cutters (I bought a 101piece box set covering all the Holidays and themes @ Wal-Mart in the baking & craft section), and last edible food markers.  (These can be found in the baking isle at your grocery store, Wal-Mart, & craft stores)

Now what goes inside?   Look for things like fresh fruit, veggies, granola, cheese, meats, and bread, meaning things you can easily cut.  Singles cheese works great with cookie cutters! I spend each Sunday cutting and separating all the various foods in different containers, that way I can just pop open the containers and easily build the bento each morning.  Your library should have books on to give you some bento ideas!
Humpty Dumpty is a favorite.
But simple Is often best.
A Texas Tradition:  Mums have come along way since your mom was in high school.  Did you know back in the day they were real chrysanthemum corsages with a couple of short ribbons? That’s it!  Today, the bigger the better!  Silk chrysanthemums larger than dinner plates are decorated with ribbons, bows, bells, stuffed animals, and assorted trinkets.  And these things don’t come cheap either!   But at least they don’t find their way to the closet, but instead become permanent wall displays in every teen girls room.  Is this just a Texas thing?   Down south the girls from elementary to high school age continue the tradition of wearing these elaborate floral pins to school, homecoming games, & everything in between.  - Teachers now make them tape the bells so they won’t disrupt class.  Even our library got onboard the mum craze with an afternoon teen mum making party.  Luckily my cheerleader decided to dial it down this year. 
Off the Randomness, On to the Romps

One Dark And Dreadful Night
By Cecil, Randy

If you’ve had any experience working with kids, then you know to expect the unexpected.  When one producer sets out to have his cast act out grim fairytale copulations, the kid’s have a different idea.  And so with silly interruptions they manage to bring about a happy ending.   I adored this one, but Little Reader not so. 

I Am Too Absolutely Small For School
By Child, Lauren
We are BIG Charlie and Lola fans!  So much that I would probably put a bumper sticker on the back of my suv.  Not really, but the show is often on when buzzing around town.  And now that my reader is older, the books are as big as a hit as the show.  Not sure if it’s my forced British accent, the collage art, or the invisible Soren Lorensen hiding in the pages she liked best.  - My guess, all the above.  Join Lola in overcoming her first day jitters by making a friend, despite the fact that she is absolutely too small.   If your not familiar with this affectionate brother sister duo, then you need to get to your library.  Your still here…
My reader’s favorite episode!  It's long but you get the idea.
   ....Your Next Library Checkout!
Good Enough To Eat
By Cole, Brock
Very odd, & so much that I’m not sure what I think.  This is not your average medieval women hero story.  The women here solves her problems with what I call outrageously quirky solutions.  For example, how she escapes the belly of an ogre is by slicing its belly to get out.   And why did was this heroic homeless women rewarded by remaining homeless?   The author is having too much fun with this one!   This is one of those you either love it hate it reads.   What side are we on?   It’s going back to the library shelf tomorrow morning.
The Tub People
By Conrad, Pam

Another unusual read about a wooden bathtub family living on the side on the tub.  Follow their life adventures of living on the edge, especially when a tub child is lost down the drain.   And when a tub stops draining, who do we call for help?  A plumber of course.   This brought new life to our little wooden people, and look who I found making her own bath adventures.  Luckily there wasn’t water involved.
The Day the Crayons Quit
By Daywalt, Drew
A clever colorful story where one little boy’s box of crayons quit land leave him notes of grievances.  Some colors want to be used more, some less, Peach is upset about being naked, and Pink is tired of being used only by his little sister.  Creative read, and make sure you have plenty of crayons and paper on hand.  How it’s resolved is adorable, which most kids naturally do anyway.  Oh, you will probably have to re-read the hilarious part where the exposed peach is complaining about having its paper peeled off.   And mysteriously some of our crayons are now also “naked”.

Buster Goes To Cowboy Camp
By Fleming, Denise

A tail wagging dog-gone good read.  When Buster the dog is sent to a Cowboy Camp kennel for the weekend, he is not enthused.  But when there’s adventurous fun involved, fears are quickly alleviated.  This would be a good beginning camp or new school jitters read.  I like most how it’s told from the dog’s perspective and not us humans.  Little Reader likes the “puffy” pictures, and I agree it does add a rustic feel.
Found some really great activities for this book on the author’s website. 
- Thanks Denise
By Remy, Charlip


I remember reading this humorous book as a kid.  Still love how the black & white “unfortunately” pages are flip-flopped with the “fortunately” bright colored pages.  Cheer Ned along as his luck turns from good to bad, then back to good by way of narrow escapes."

"Make it a rule to never give a child a book you would not read yourself."

                - George Bernard Shaw

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